Camping Trip: Review

Camping Trip

It’s after the first lockdown and people are starting to feel like there’s a little bit of hope ahead of them, but they’re still feeling cautious. However, Enzo (Leonardo Fuica), Polly (Caitlen Cameron), Ace (Alex Gravenstein), Coco (Hannah Forest Briand) and Billy (Jonathan Vanderzon) haven’t seen each other in what seems like forever, so they take the opportunity to go away to a lake and spend some quality time together catching up.

The problem is that while they’re all having fun, there are bad men taking the opportunity to make some money.

Camping Trip is a crime thriller written by and starring Leonardo Fuica who directs alongside his brother Demian. Being set during the pandemic, there is a certain kind of trepidation into watching a movie like Camping Trip, because there’s the thought that the filmmakers may be exploiting the situation for monetary gain. However, these are just the times we live in and so the Fuica brothers used this background to tell their story.

However, their story is rather cliched and although there are a lot of well-meaning scenes, the jarring shifts in tone may raise more smiles than intended. This is particularly evident in a scene early on where the friends share an intimate moment and it seems to come out of nowhere. Meaning that the audience may be too distracted from what they’ve just witnessed to focus on the rest of the movie.

Add to that an action scene which plays out entirely in slow motion and considering how long the movie has dragged up until that point, it may break some members of the audience. Although to its credit, it does seem to have accidentally recreated that point during lockdown where we all lost our sense of time.

Camping Trip wants to be something like Shallow Grave, but between the indulgent direction, the amateur acting and the slow pacing, it just comes across as shallow.

There’s something comforting about watching a movie like Camping Trip though. It must mean that the distributor must have had much better things to release, so bringing out Camping Trip wouldn’t have hit them with much of a loss. Good to know that in some ways, things are getting better.

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