Clerks 3: Trailer Talk

Clerks 3: Trailer Talk

Clerks 3: Trailer Talk

With the ‘legacy’ sequels (as ‘Scream 5’ titled it) returning, it was only a matter of time before store clerks Dante and Randall joined the trend. ‘Clerks 3’ has been in production for a few years with director/writer Kevin Smith even teasing it back in 2014. But the wait is over, and the first trailer has been released.

After Randall (Jeff Anderson – Clerks, Clerks 2) suffers a heart attack, he realizes that his ultimate dream is to make a movie…specifically about his and his co-worker’s life at the Quick Stop convenience store. Sound familiar?

With a 16-year gap from ‘Clerks 2’, it’s great to see the original cast back together, including Jay and Silent Bob. Not only that but the humour looks to be just as strong as ever, plus the meta commentary will make for some fantastic gags. One at the end even comments on the alternative ending of ‘Clerks’ where Dante (Brian O’Halloran – Clerks, Clerks 2) was supposed to get shot. However, this looks to also be a commentary on not wasting one’s life, so there’s room for some heart-warming moments, just like the original film showed.

It’s been a long wait for the third entry in the ‘Clerks’ trilogy but, after seeing the trailer, it’s going to be worth the wait. The humour and fantastic chemistry of Brian O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson is back and as strong as ever. Plus, the meta theme of the sequel means there’s room for some fantastic gags and commentary. The only question I have: Were they supposed to be there this time?

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