NAVALNY: Documentary Review


Navalny is a staggering and utterly compelling documentary. The man himself says I want it to be told as a movie. He’s right that this story does feel like a movie, except that it is very real and the stakes are incredibly high, death.

It’s not like any documentary you’ve seen before. Ok, that’s not quite true but it is a mixture of thriller and suspense that are at times comical. However, the subject matter of this documentary Alexi Navalny is deadly serious in his mission to expose the treacherous and murderous nature of one, Vladimir Putin by going up against him as a presidential candidate. Navalny should know he was poisoned on the alleged orders of Putin using his signature poison, novichok. The scene where he talks to the men who failed to murder him is both comical and chilling.

What’s really good about this documentary is that it doesn’t sugarcoat who Navalny is and his past, including excerpts of him talking at far right rallies. I thought that a bold choice. Throughout the entire documentary, I kept changing my mind as to what I thought about the man, Navalny. Could this smooth talking and very charismatic man be too good to be true. In the age of social media, and the way in which he has used it to harness all the millions of supporters, could I trust my eyes? The answer came in the final 10 minutes, as he and his wife are flying back to Moscow after recuperating from the poison assassination attempt, anyone flying back to a possible fate worse than death, decades in prison, has to be believed. That’s why it is so important that people see this documentary. 

NAVALNY will screen in Curzon cinemas on 12th April for a special one-day event and will be available on-demand followed by a UK wide release on 15th April.

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