The Adam Project: The BRWC Review

The Adam Project

The Adam Project: The BRWC Review

After Free Guy, Shawn Levy has me on a string, he can get me to watch anything. I’ve long been a fan of the films he’s made; I have fond memories of staying up past my bedtime watching Night of the Museum one and two during my childhood and The Internship is a criminally underrated comedy I absolutely adore, not to mention Free Guy, a surprisingly brilliant film from last year.

So, hearing he set out to make a time-traveling sci-fi film surrounding family with an all-star cast grabbed my attention straight away. Seriously, who wouldn’t love a cast that includes Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and Zoe Saldana, 4 of the best actors/actresses working today. Reynolds is once again great, he does his usual stuff, but I still always enjoy it, and Ruffalo and Garner are perfect like normal.

However, Saldana really disappoints, don’t get me wrong she’s good but deserves more to do within, never truly being anything more than a plot device. However, in a cast stacked with A-listers, it’s young Walker Scobell that truly shines. The kids a star with his line delivery, jokes, and overall performance as a whole standing out among the rest. Seriously, this kid cracked me up constantly.

That’s easy for you to say, I’m the one who ends up in a therapists office telling them where the bad man touched me. 

Nevertheless, the heart-warming story surrounding a tale of a son from two timelines re-connecting with his father is both fun and deeply meaningful. The action sequences mixed with some great music were a joy to watch and the lightsaber fights, dear god the lightsaber fights were golden.

Sadly, the plot is a bit everywhere and the story can be muddling at times, but it really hooked me in, making me laugh throughout and care for the characters within. Sure, we’ve seen it before, it’s not exactly new, but I had a great time with The Adam Project and despite some flaws, it’s a fun summer blockbuster that would have been great to watch on the big screen. 

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