Teach Me: Review

Teach Me

It’s not easy being different, but that’s ok because everybody’s different in some way. They could have glasses, be taller than most children their age or they could have really curly hair. They could also have a disability such as being visually impaired or be a wheelchair user.

However, there are some disabilities that people don’t see with their eyes. There are people who have disabilities such as autism and ADHD which cannot be seen, but only observed through behaviour. Just like in school, people tend to treat others differently who don’t behave the same way as they do and if they don’t adhere to the norms of acceptable behaviour then they get treated differently or are misunderstood.

This goes for adults as well as children and it’s usually because the adults don’t take the time to learn why a child is behaving in a particular way.

Teach Me is an animated short film directed by Anna Cottrill, a student at MetFilm School that aims to explain how children feel when they’re treated differently, left out or misunderstood. All because their teacher didn’t take the time to understand their difference.

Using carboard and stop motion animation, Teach Me is a charming animation that gives children a voice whilst seemingly talking on a children’s level about children. However, those who are more grown up will understand that it’s them that they are talking to and that they want to be heard and understood.

Going through many scenarios, Teach Me lets the children talk about their own experiences. Experiences that whether you’re a teacher or were once a disabled child, you may find something recognisable within their stories.

The children also are able to express their frustrations at being treated a certain way and how they wish that it could change if only someone were to listen. This is something that’s so rare in the media that it’s often assumed that the adults know what’s best for the children, when sometimes that isn’t the case at all. Having the children tell their own stories in an environment where they feel comfortable allows them to relax and be honest and having watched Teach Me, hopefully educators will learn something themselves.

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