Stronger By Stress: Review

Biohacking may seem like one of those buzzwords that’s only been invented recently so that people can use it to make themselves sound clever. However, biohacking is not as complex as it sounds and may very well be the key to making sure that we alleviate our stress on a day-to-day basis.

Stress can affect us all at one time or another and it can also affect us in very different ways. Some people manage seem to manage stress wonderfully, whilst others take time to recover from even the mildest inconvenience. How you react to that stress is what counts, however knowing what the right thing is to do may be easier said than done.

Stronger by Stress is a new documentary which deals with the topic in an easily manageable way and with many opinions from different experts such as Leigh Ewin, Teemu Arina and Siim Land. The documentary lays it all out in front of its audience and shows that stress can be easy to handle.

As mentioned before, the introduction of biohacking may seem a bit daunting at first, but as the documentary continues, it shows the different ways that we can change our lives to manage stress in bitesize chunks.

Everything from our work, exercise, diet and even sleep are discussed, explaining the different ways that stress can affect us because of it and exactly what we can do to destress just when we need it most. Audiences may find that there is something that everyone can take away from the documentary which they could easily use in their own lives.

However, as with the modern age come modern problems such as social media and the over reliance of social media as a whole. So, Stronger by Stress explains that all too and instead of lecturing the audience on the dangers, it shows the little things we can do to change our habits.

Stronger by Stress may be a provocative title which implies that what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. However, it’s a reminder that there is a way to manage when it all feels a bit too much and makes it easy to understand and digest.

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