10 Easy Clarinet Songs For Absolute Beginners (With Sheet Music)


Learning to play any type of musical instrument can be frustrating at times. When you first start playing the drills and repetitive note playing may seem to drag on forever. And they can if it takes you a while to pick up on the techniques, but even though they are boring (to say the least) they are an important part of playing the clarinet in a professional and mesmerizing way.

One great way to break up the monotony, and get you out of your bored stupor, is to pick up some easy clarinet songs for beginners and play some tunes.

Once you do you will realize how important those drills truly are. Let’s dive into 10 of these songs that you can play with ease, even if it is your first day playing the instrument.


This may be one of the easiest songs for you to play, and it will give your ears a dose of actual music, instead of the same old note. This song only takes three different notes so it is a perfect beginning song to start practicing on.


This is another song that we have all heard at least once in our lifetimes. You probably even sang along with it at home, or in your first years of school. This is one step above the previous song, making you play four different notes throughout.


This is another song that we have all heard, many times over and over. There are even various versions of songs that replace some of the words. When you are wanting to learn how to play the clarinet, or any musical instrument for that matter, this is one of those songs that you must learn, and master.


One of the most popular holiday songs of all time is Jingle Bells. If you celebrate the holidays, you will have heard this song, sung it with your family and friends, and maybe even hummed it under your breath off and on throughout the day.


This may not be as popular as some of the songs above, but it is a common one that is played to bring in the new year. A new year is a big deal to most of us because it signifies the end of a year (good or bad), and it makes room for twelve new months hopefully filled with joy and success.


This is another common song played around a holiday. The Fourth of July is a celebration of this nation’s independence, and as such it is a huge celebration filled with food, fireworks, alcohol, and music. If you celebrate this holiday at all you need to be able to play it by heart.


Once every year we all have a birthday. The day that we were brought into this world, kicking, and screaming and ready for some action. It is a common tradition for families and friends to sing the Happy Birthday song before blowing out the candle on a fancy birthday cake. It would be great to be able to grab your clarinet and lead the song, and with some easy clarinet music you could rock this at all the parties.


Some of the most beautiful songs on the planet are classical pieces that were produced back when Mozart and Beethoven were around. Pure classical songs at their finest can be compared with no other sound, and this song is one of the most common of them all.


This is another one of the most popular classical hits, but this one was made by Mozart, where the one above was a Beethoven piece. This one is also fairly simple to play on your clarinet, and it can be soothing to your soul, and to the souls of anybody listening to you.


The Beatles were one of the most famous pop artists of all time. Their music is still blasted around the country. This is the only pop song listed here, but you can get sheet music for many of these types of songs because they are easy to play on any instrument.


These 10 easy songs can be played by any clarinet beginner. Once you have done some warm-ups and finished going through your practice drills you can go on to playing one of these..

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