Night’s End: Review

Night's End: Review

Ken Barber (Geno Walker) is a divorced dad who’s trying to make ends meet by starting a YouTube channel, giving advice to other divorced dads on how to cope. He’s still on good terms with his ex-wife, Kelsey (Kate Arrington), but the cracks are starting to show as Ken would rather spend time in his apartment than try to get out and get a job.

His best friend, Terry (Felonious Munk) is supportive and is constantly coming up with new ideas to get his friend more viewers. Noticing something strange in one of Ken’s video’s, Terry comes up with the idea to capitalise on the ghost related YouTube videos by investigating the strange occurrence further. However, things get worse and Ken starts to believe that his apartment is really haunted.

Night’s End is a supernatural horror movie directed by Jennifer Reeder. Clearly shot during lockdown, it shows Ken confined to his apartment whilst making video calls to his friends and family as the supernatural encounters increase. However, it seems that the script or at least the idea for the movie was meant to be made in a more usual environment, as doing things the way they did gives the movie a certain comedic quality.

As Ken gets more and more nervous about his ghostly visitor, he decides to contact Colin Albertson (Lawrence Grimm), an expert on the paranormal and that’s where the film takes an altogether different turn.

Meaning that despite the fact that each and every cast member (and there’s quite a lot) are confined to their rooms, they have to react as if they were all together.

Grimm’s performance matched with the less than adequate special effects make it even more comedic as the events heighten. So, those expecting a straightforward locked in horror movie may be disappointed, or delighted if they decide to just go along with it.

Night’s End is a potentially good idea that was just done at the wrong time under the wrong circumstances. It will be seen as a film of its time if it’s ever remembered and besides a surprise cameo from Michael Shannon, Night’s End will not give an audience anything to think about.

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