The Runner: Review

The Runner: Review

The Runner (Kris Esfandiari) is a woman running alone and finds a small, secluded town. The only thing that makes her stand out in this town is that she’s covered in blood, that and the fact that she never speaks despite having various encounters with the townspeople which often veer into the realms of horror.

There’s also the small detail that wherever she goes she’s accompanied musically by a Darkwave band called Boy Harsher who seem to be making music videos based around the things that she does. Although their connections to the events of the short film bear very little resemblance.

The Runner is a short film on Shudder with a soundtrack by Boy Harsher who also had a hand in writing and directing. The trouble is that it seems that The Runner is one of the more unusual additions to Shudder as it barely passes as horror and is clearly just a series of music videos for the band.

Fans of Boy Harsher are bound to be delighted that their favourite band have had such a prominent platform to display their music. However, those who are not fans and have no idea who they are may be confused as to how a short film which is really a series of music videos has made it onto the horror streaming service.

That’s not to say that Boy Harsher’s music is bad, which it isn’t and for those unfamiliar with the band might find themselves dancing along with the tunes and maybe wanting to find more of their music. It’s just that for those who are perhaps looking for a unique short indie film then they may feel like they’ve been duped.

In fact, those who may soon realise what The Runner is may quickly turn it off and look for something else. However, for those who are looking for something very different and has a good soundtrack, then you may want to give it a go.

There’s no real telling how The Runner found its way on to Shudder and we may never know. Although it may be interesting to see what Shudder consumes in future just because of its vague horror connection.

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