Seance: Review

Camille Meadows (Suki Waterhouse) is a troubled teen, therefore the best thing to do with her is to send her to a girl’s boarding school with a mysterious past. She’s met by Mrs. Landry (Marina Stephenson Kerr), the headteacher of the school and she immediately sets out the ground rules.

Although that’s not before Camille grills her about a student that mysteriously died at the school not that long ago. The legend that’s come from that death says that the spirit of the girl who died there still haunts the hallways, so Camille wants to know what she’s getting into.

She then meets the other students who she’ll be spending time with. However, they don’t really want to get to know her and it soon becomes clear when Camille fights her ground that she’s not there to make friends.

Then one night one of the girls finds an enchantment that will summon a ghost and seeing as the school has recently acquired one, they give it a try. Unfortunately, there is indeed something there and it’s willing to talk to them, but they may not like what it has to say. From that moment on the girls at the boarding school are bumped off one by one as they try and figure out whether Moaning Myrtle really has come to kill them or whether it’s something more sinister. Unfortunately, the truth isn’t all that better.

Seance is a supernatural slasher from writer/director Simon Barrett. Having previously been involved with writing horror movies as V/H/S and You’re Next, you may have thought that Barrett would know what he’s doing when creating a horror masterpiece. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to be the case when he’s in the director’s chair.

The whole film just feels lazy and uninspired; from the script, the characters and even the actors recite their lines like they don’t care. Then there’s the reveal of the villain which comes across as the least intimidating villain in all of film history, one that every member of the audience could be confident that they could take out themselves.

Seance is not good on paper and even worse on screen, perhaps Barrett should stick to just doing what he does best

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