Bite Me: Review

Bite Me

Sarah (Naomi McDougall Jones) is stuck in a rut. She’s still in touch with her ex, Stacz (Antino Crowley-Kamenwati) and he’s not exactly been the shy type even eight years after their divorce. No matter what she tries, she just can’t seem to get rid of him and she finally sees him for who he really is when he decides to go on a reality show.

Outraged that he would out himself so publicly, Sarah has had enough. However, Stacz’s public status has caught the attention of the IRS and they send James (Christian Coulson) to do an audit.

Something unexpected happens though and very soon James finds himself inexplicably attracted to Sarah. The trouble is that Sarah isn’t telling James the whole truth and she’s worried about how he’ll react if she tells him.

That’s because Sarah is a vampire and despite the rumours of vampires being evil killers, Sarah is just living with a condition. So, can it really work between an ordinary person and a bloodsucker… from the IRS?

Bite Me is a romantic comedy with a difference. Taking a familiar format, Naomi McDougall Jones’ script takes the common idea of the vampire and turns it on its head. Similar perhaps to True Blood and What We Do in The Shadows, Bite Me puts Vampires in the real world and gives a somewhat grounded aspect of what it may really be like to be fanged and alone. Comparing vampirism to a condition or disability means that Sarah suddenly becomes a relatable character and through humour and some intimate moments it shows the audience a side that’s not often shown in romcoms.

There are also a few laughs around modern-day vampires and how the world would react to them today. Like When Sarah’s roommate Chrissy (Naomi Grossman) decides to ‘come out of the coffin’ only to be met with complete indifference online, or when Lily (Mahira Kakkar) comes out to her boyfriend, he dumps her because she is different. However, Bite Me is also an analogy of what it’s like to be different in a relationship and what happens when you find somebody who you can relax with and finally be yourself.

Formulaic, but funny with some sweet moments, Bite Me is a romantic comedy for those who always thought they were a little bit different.

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