The BRWC Xmas 2021 Gift Guide!


The Analogue WonderBox Film Subscription Box – £50

The Contender: The Story of Marlon Brando – £10

Featuring new material from Marlon Brando’s personal archives, this definitive biography of the Hollywood heavyweight interrogates Brando’s seismic influence on cinematic history, as well as his activism against segregation and discrimination. 

85 Years of the Oscar – £175

Robert Osbourne, best known as the host on Turner Classic Movies, died in March 2017, but his legacy as an ultimate movie expert lives on. So does this book he published in 2013, about the history of the Oscars, dating back to its beginning. It only covers the first 85 years, but seeing how Oscar is 97 now, that’s most of his life.

Movie Quotes Drinking Game – £10

The objective of this game is to test your recall of movie quotes–if you fail, bottoms up. Buyer beware–if you give someone this game, prepare to be roped into it. 

Back To The Future: Scalextric DeLorean – £50

Great Scott! Prepare to go Back to the Future in celebration of the film’s 35th Anniversary with this new release of the most famous time machine to ever grace the screen! In Part II this time Inventor Doc Brown’s time machine is used to take Marty, the Doc and Jennifer into the future (2015!). The car features detailed decoration including the ‘Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor’, and, being somewhat more affordable than the real thing, the slot car model replica is sure to be one of the biggest hits of the year! Grab it now, before it disappears into history. *Please note: This slot car does not actually fly.

The BRWC Xmas 2021 Gift Guide!

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