Masked Threshold: Review

Masked Threshold: Review

Masked Threshold: Review – Our protagonist (Ethan Haslam) is suffering from tinnitus and he doesn’t know what to do about it. He’s been to many specialists and although they can identify that it is there, the severity of his condition is called into question.

However, our man doesn’t believe that the specialists and doctors know what they are talking about and he starts to find that the search for a cure is consuming his every waking thought. He says that it’s affected his life socially, professionally and even his studies suffered and now he spends most of his life alone, searching for a way to stop the continuous tone inside his head.

Masking Threshold is a psychological horror written and directed by Johannes Grenzfurthner and may be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Starting out with a voiceover from the protagonist, the audience are taken into his world and throughout are given his every single thought.

Although, it’s not so much that he feels that he needs to tell his audience what he’s thinking, but that he needs to rationalise it for himself.

What starts out as rather annoying once the audience starts to realise that they are stuck with the protagonist throughout, this slowly and steadily turns into concern and terror as the protagonist’s thoughts are paired with increasingly disturbing images. Starting out as time with a man who most may not consider very interesting considering his constant stream of random trivia, soon becomes an experience where the audience won’t want to look away.

Grenzfurthner’s script goes from simple and mundane to mind altering and harrowing over the course of ninety minutes and the audience is right inside the protagonist’s mind the whole time. Something so unconventional pays off as the film becomes a catalogue of the innermost thoughts of a man who’s not simply just lost some hearing, but is losing his mind.

An experience that most of us could probably share in recent times because it has felt like all we had were our thoughts to distract us. Masking Threshold shows the audience what may a little too much time on our hands and a lot of obsession may do to our minds.

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