Zip It: Raindance 21 Review

Zip It: Raindance 21 Review

“Zip It” is a documentary by the French-Egyptian tv producer and reporter Anicee Gohar. It will be presented at the upcoming Raindance Film Festival 2021 which will take place from Wednesday, October 27 to Saturday, November 6.  In this documentary, we follow the life and career of Mohanad Kojak, an young Egyptian fashion designer. 

The documentary begins with a scene where we find Mohanad in the car of Anicee. Mohanad removes anything that might seem provocative, he removes his piercings, puts on a cap, before entering an airport. “From a jury member to…” These words leave one wondering about the place of design-related professions in a country like Egypt, where extravagance faces a certain form of conservatism. In only 58 minutes, we gradually enter the intimacy and the life of the young man. 

We discover, through different discussions between Anicee Gohar and Mohanad, the difficulties he encountered during his childhood and adolescence.  Periods during which he was often put aside and bullied because of the divergence of his interests compared to other children of his age or simply because of the clothes he could wear. Kojak tells us that these various altercations helped him to build the person he is today. He also tells us that when you love and accept yourself, you end up ignoring the negative interactions and focusing on the positive ones.

The documentary also looks back at his relationship with the different members of his family. Between her strong relationship with her mother and one of her brothers, who seem to have always supported him in his choices and his decisions, and, on the other side, the conservative reticence of her father. Reticence that seems to disappear after the great success of his son. 

Through the alternation of audiovisual formats, interviews, images from television and camera in Mohanad’s family and in the heart of the preparation of his fashion shows, the documentary keeps a good pace during its 58 minutes. Sometimes, “Zip It” verges on an intimacy that could be embarrassing for some viewers. But, for the most part, the documentary allows us to grasp the issues that Mohanad Kojak has face in his life. 

Anicee Gohar realizes a superb work, which allows us to discover a very interesting figure of a universe very few represented.

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