Mosquito State: Review

Mosquito State

Richard Boca (Beau Knapp) is a Wall Street analyst. He can’t help but see patterns in everything and he knows something catastrophic is on its way. He also lives a lavish life in his luxury apartment and has an on again/off again relationship with Lena del Alcazar (Charlotte Vega).

However, as he realises that the patterns could have global effect on the world’s economy, he must try and convince his colleagues to do something before it all goes wrong. Not only that, but there is an infestation of mosquitos in his apartment which may very well be infecting him from the inside out. The year is 2007.

Mosquito State is a body horror film directed and co-written by Filip Jan Rymsza set in a pivotal time in the 21st Century’s history where everything started to go wrong. Following analyst Richard Bocca, the film displays the kind of panic which could only have been deduced by a scientist in a disaster movie and this is where Rymsza starts his story.

Bocca’s mad ramblings coupled with his increasingly troubling appearance make him a hard person to believe when he starts telling his colleagues about the devastating event which is about to happen. Although whereas this is indeed the desired effect, it may make him hard to care about as he’s trying to shut the gate after we know the horse has bolted.

However, there were also rich people like Richard Bocca who also thought that this kind of thing wouldn’t affect them as well and this is where the audience may lose Richard. It all depends on their opinion of what happened and whether they think he deserves it or not.

The film also feels rather out of place for Shudder, because although there is the body horror aspect, it never really goes as far as to really repulse, so couldn’t necessarily be thought of as a horror. Also, once the audience understands the metaphor of the mosquitos then they may lose interest.

Knapp plays the part well and as the audience sees the kind of things that he’s accustomed to then he may turn into a somewhat unlikeable character as his world falls down around him. In summary, although Mosquito State looks visually impressive it never really has a strong enough story and never really knows what it wants to say in the end.

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