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halloween kills

2018 saw the release of ‘Halloween’; a sequel that ignored the previous instalments of the horror franchise. It was distributed by Blumhouse, with composer John Carpenter returning as well as Jamie Lee Curtis as final girl of the first film, Laurie Strode. While it was successful, and became the highest grossing slasher film ever, I found it overall enjoyable but, unfortunately, forgettable. The positives I could say about it were the strong first act and the incredible cinematography. But it was a success, meaning a sequel was bound to happen. And, three years later, the final trailer for ‘Halloween Kills’ was revealed on the 20th of September.

‘Halloween Kills’ continues on from the 2018 sequel, and sees Laurie Strode and her family once again try to take down Michael Myers after discovering that he survived the fire from the end of 2018’s ‘Halloween’.

For a film that wanted to avoid the supernatural elements of the previous entries, Michael Myers surviving is a strange decision, but also an obvious one that makes sense. The ‘Halloween’ franchise must have Michael Myers in it, according to the fanbase. However, the film should’ve gone down the same route as ‘Spiral: From The Book of Saw’ and have the killer in this film be a copycat who is targeting the family.

But I can’t deny that this film has piqued my interest. The original ‘Halloween’ is my favourite slasher film, and ‘Halloween 3: Season of the Witch’ is a franchise favourite of mine. And this film looks to be ticking those boxes because ‘Halloween Kills’ not only sees the return of Laurie Strode, but other survivors from previous entries too. Furthermore, some of the film will take place in the original house plus the trailer references ‘Halloween 3’ by having three of Michael’s victims wear the masks that were in the focal shop Silver Shamrock. Whether ‘Halloween Kills’ will try and tie itself in with that entry remains to be seen, however.

Despite thinking 2018’s ‘Halloween’ was purely enjoyable but forgettable, I have once again been dragged back into this world of knives, William Shatner masks and trick or treating. The fanservice of returning to original locations and having franchise references are the main aspects that has piqued my interest in ‘Halloween Kills’, even if the supposed return of the supernatural has my eyes rolling. I just hope it’s more memorable than the 2018 film.

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