Ma Belle, My Beauty: Review

Ma Belle, My Beauty: Review

Bertie (Idella Johnson) and Fred (Lucien Guignard) are happily married, they’re both in a band together and after some time getting very close, they got married and are now living in the south of France. Then one day Lane (Hannah Pepper) arrives unannounced and it starts to cause tensions, not only between the married couple, but between Bertie and Lane especially.

This is because Bertie, Lane and Fred were once in a polyamorous relationship and there are still strong feelings between the women. It’s not long before passions reignite between them either, but Bertie is happy with her life and although they once had something strong between them, she wants to move on. However, with Lane being there, it’s a constant reminder of what she had and how things could have been different.

Ma Belle, My Beauty is a romantic drama written and directed by Marion Hill in her feature debut. Set in the south of France, the tone of the film is light and breezy, like a Sunday afternoon movie over a glass of wine, however there are still issues with the script which may make it hard to follow which forces the audience to sit up straighter.

Firstly, the set up for the film is intriguing, but despite a few encounters between Bertie and Lane, there’s not really anything else for the audience to go on. There’s an obvious rift between Bertie and Fred, but the audience doesn’t really understand the tensions until quite late into the film.

Whereas when these are revealed, it turns out to be an understandable grievance, it perhaps could have been introduced a lot earlier. This also means that there is very little plot.

As mentioned earlier this is a light and breezy Sunday afternoon film, but it seems that director Hill has been overcome by the beauty of the French landscape and there may be a little too much sightseeing which slows down the pacing. All the cast do a great job with their characters and there’s a good chemistry between Idella Johnson and Hannah Pepper, but it still feels a little like a showcase for their talents rather than anything substantial.

Ma Belle, My Beauty may show an unconventional relationship in a different light, but it never really goes much deeper beneath the surface.

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