Pipeline: Review

Pipeline: Review

Shay (Ashley Ballard) and her friends have rented a house for the weekend from a kindly old man called, Merlin (Marc Goodman). They settle in and the couple all go to their separate rooms and look forward to having a relaxing time.

Little do they realise that a monster is lurking in the pipes and it’s waiting to kill them just at the right time. However, the longer they stay at the house, the more they realise that there’s something they’re not being told and just when it’s too late, the survivors of the monster attack are in even worse danger than they imagined.

Pipeline is a horror movie written and directed by Emily Aguilar which has a somewhat generic, but intriguing premise. The idea that something or someone is in the house with a group of people has been seen time and time again through horror, but every so often an idea comes that makes it more interesting.

At least it sounds more interesting at the time. In this case, a monster or spirit that dwells in the plumbing of the house sounds so simplistic and yet has the potential to work. It could be a tongue in cheek horror comedy, or there could be some underlying social commentary. However, as much of the premise sounds a little different, the movie itself doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be.

The set up for the movie is very typical and the first death which leads the audience into what kind of movie this may be does set the tone perfectly. It’s just unfortunate that it decides about halfway through to change tack entirely and the twist ruins any tension and potential for excitement completely.

Also, for a horror movie with such an absurd premise, a bit of humour wouldn’t have gone amiss, because the first death is probably the best and the funniest, whether the humour was intentional or not.

The cast and the budget are both of the lowest quality, however sometimes in situations like this it’s the premise and script that can carry a movie. Unfortunately it seems like another example of a good idea gone to waste.

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