I AM: Review

I AM: Review

I AM: Review. By Julius Tabel.

This is a German short film about a lonely woman, who lives in the woods and who finds a weird robot in form of a beautiful young woman in the forest.

This construction seems pretty interesting, and I loved how the short film managed it. There is not much explanation, and as a consequence, “I Am” provokes many questions and it involves the viewer. Sooner or later, you will find out that it is a little study of the protagonist that unfortunately doesn ́t pay off at the end, especially because the film feels unfinished.

Although she isn ́t very much introduced, the protagonist seems charming in her nice-looking home, but you can also feel the loneliness immediately, since there is no sign of society. Furthermore, “I Am” is very well made. When the protagonist dreams about a dark event in the forest, it really takes you with it and scares you. As a result, the scarier these events are, the more intimidating is this robot-girl.

This relation with the robot feels very weird though in a more or less negative way. The protagonist simply accepts her and makes her live with her. She asks questions once or twice, but the robot always answers with a question. I don ́t believe that any character has any goals, and this kind of destroys the involvement of the viewer.

However, every line of dialogue might be useful later which makes it very important to be interested. This is where the film might loose his viewer, but in my case, I followed the direction in which the film went and accepted the process. This strange robotic creature creates a bit of suspense because of some very ominous shots, and if you follow this suspense, you might get a very good insight of the characters.

Nevertheless, the ending destroyed everything that was built up. It made the film meaningless. All the theories and questions I had were left open, but it ́s not like the film was so interesting that I have to study it all over again. The ending lost all of my interest in the film and it left m cold. There is a nice twist that the viewer could have seen coming in a suspenseful way, but “I Am” doesn ́t do anything with it.

Overall, the look is very great. The pictures are always shot with a good and cinematic intention and the colors are also very interesting-looking, as they are partly dark and then joyful again.

But then, “I Am” goes on with no pay off whatsoever which is very unfortunate since I cared about the outcome at the beginning. It ́s not like I hate the ending, I just don ́t care anymore. And I think that most viewer ́s, if they even get so far as being interesting at first, will have the same issue.

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