Truth: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk

Truth: Falcon And Winter Soldier - Disney+ Talk

Truth: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk – After the last episode’s shocking ending, ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ has finally grabbed my attention. Unfortunately, this episode is also the penultimate one, with the series finale being next week. Because of this, the last section of this article will contain spoilers.

Episode 5, titled ‘Truth’, sees John Walker face consequences for his murderous actions from the last episode, while Sam and Bucky return to the USA. 

This was an episode that needed to happen for Sam and Bucky. This episode gives them time to actually bond and talk through issues that they’ve held in throughout the whole series. This is especially highlighted near the end, when Sam goes to stay with his sister, and Bucky travels there too. While doing throwing practise with the shield, they talk about the loss of Steve Rogers and Bucky’s nightmares, which he finally confesses he’s still having. Sam then tells him that he ‘needs to start being who he wants to be and not what other people tell him to be’. It’s a beautifully simple scene and one that was necessary. This advice was also important because Bucky’s used to being mind controlled for most of his life; he needs to learn to move on and regain his own life. He also needed to be told this by someone who is, arguably, a friend to him and not someone who was forced upon him. Sam then tells him that apologizing isn’t working because the victims don’t feel better; just him. Therapy sometimes has to be a 2-way system and, if that route doesn’t work, then both parties won’t feel better. It’s a simple but powerful and emotional scene that is one of my favourites in this show. This episode also highlights even more that Antony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are fantastic alongside each other, whether they’re fighting or just talking. Their interactions are enjoyable. 

The reason Bucky reunites with Sam is to deliver something, as well as help him and his sister fix the boat, something that was mentioned in the first episode. This montage was also a wonderful moment: because their monetary options have run out, all they have left is the community and manual labour to fix it. So, this is the option that Sam picks. It’s a wonderful moment and very symbolic: it’s almost a juxtaposition to the Flag Smashers: while they want humanity to be one kind of species, the fixing of the boat highlights that people can look past the Blip and learn to work together, whether they were snapped or not. 

However, this episode is not all happiness, as we see the consequences of John Walker’s actions from the last episode. As expected, he is stripped of his military roles with no monetary benefits. And he is, predictably, not happy about it, almost driving on obsession to still be Captain America. His behaviour after his court trial can potentially make him into a villain, something that would be interesting to see.

Overall, I am now starting to enjoy ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’, which is a shame since this Friday’s episode is the finale. Rumours of a second season have been circulated and, despite my opinion of this series, I think a second series would be good to have and is needed because of other plot points that occur in this episode. However, whether this will happen or not remains to be seen. 

Please now note that the remainder of this Truth: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk article will contain spoilers. 

Truth: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk – This section of the article will now contain spoilers for Episode 5 of ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’.

Like last week’s article, the focus will firstly, but not purely, be on John Walker. The beginning of the episode carries on from the ending of the last episode and sees Walker run into an abandoned station. Bucky and Sam then catch up to him where a fight breaks out. The result of this is Walker trying to behead Falcon with the shield while Bucky breaks his arm trying to take the shield. Not only is this fight sequence fantastically choregraphed, but it also shows signs of John Walker’s obsession with the role of Captain America. As Sam tries to ask Walker to give him the shield, he starts yelling that it’s his and his only. In the previous episode, it was revealed that the Super Soldier Serum empathizes a person’s strongest traits. While Steve Rogers was sympathetic and was willing to sacrifice himself to save a life, John Walker is a hot headed, arrogant soldier. So, while Rogers’ caring traits were highlighted, Walker’s anger and hatred is what’s highlighted via the Serum, making him an intimidating character. His obsession, anger and hatred can also make him a villain like previously mentioned. This is especially evident when Walker is shown creating a shield of his own in the show’s post credit scene.

One aspect of the episode that should be especially highlighted is the importance of a black Captain America. While Sam Wilson does become Captain America in the comics, he still questions whether he should take up the role or not in the show. This episode also brings up whether the world is ready for a black Captain America. Despite the world being a much better place than it was 60 years ago, it’s still facing racial unrest, especially with recent events unfortunately. Therefore, this aspect is important to bring up and discuss, especially in a genre as popular as the Superhero genre. The change in racial unrest is brought up too, when Sam goes to revisit Isaiah, a soldier who was also given the Super Soldier serum but was arrested and experimented on after escaping the laboratory where he was changed. Both him and Steve Rogers went through the same events but ended up with different results, purely because of the times. It’s an extremely sad scene as we hear of the unfair treatment that Isaiah suffered. However, it also shows that the world is more accepting now and that it’s important that Sam takes up the role more than ever. Like previously mentioned, this episode is therapeutic for Bucky, but also for Sam. The third act sees Sam accept that he should be Captain America, and trains with the shield. It’s fantastic to see but is also a visual representation of something Steve Rogers would say a lot: ‘I can do this all day’.

Lastly, I want to end this article with a theory, that is quickly becoming a popular one: I think Sharon Carter is the Power Broker. She hasn’t been mentioned in my articles until now, just because she appeared in one episode, and served as a way for Bucky, Zemo and Sam to hide. However, her lack of appearance can be seen as deliberate: she tells Sam that she doesn’t want to go back to America because she’s wanted there, but I think there’s also another reason for her hiding. Because she’s remained mostly anonymous, it leaves room for speculation as to what she’s been doing all this time. And, considering we haven’t seen the Power Broker yet, it would make sense for her to be this character. This means that she is working with the Flag Smashers and agrees with what they’re doing, whilst being sympathetic towards Sam and Bucky. If that is the case and the theory turns out to be true, then the series finale will be extremely interesting indeed. 

Truth: Falcon And Winter Soldier – Disney+ Talk

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