The Misadventures Of Mistress Maneater: Review

The Misadventures Of Mistress Maneater

The Misadventures Of Mistress Maneater: Review – Ava Moriarty (Lorrisa Julianus) is a dominatrix known as Mistress Maneater and she’s tired of her day job. The problem is that her boyfriend is a Russian gangster and when he dumps her, she has to pay back everything he owes her – to the tune of five hundred thousand dollars. Ava tries to think of ways that she can pay him back, although she knows that she could get the money if only she had enough time.

Then she gets involved with the wrong man, Mayor Kupsik (Dave Lichty) who tells her to seduce an Episcopalian priest in order to start a scandal and he’ll give her the money she wants. The trouble is that when Ava starts to get to know Radovan (Mickey O’Sullivan), she starts to fall for him.

Not only that, but she finds a priceless painting in his house which may do just as well to get the money that she owes.

The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater is a romantic comedy written by Lorrisa Julianus and directed by C.J. Julianus. As filmmakers their ethos is to make unique, smart and inspiring films that audiences haven’t seen before.

However as far as the script goes, there may be smart characters in there and the plot is certainly subversive, but it feels like two movies working alongside each other and often not cooperating.

The character of Ava Moriarty is well written and at first the character seems like a surface level idea of what a screenwriter thinks is feminism, but further exploration shows that the character is more complex. Lorrisa Julianus does do a great job in the role as well, but it seems that the tone of the movie is too confused.

What’s billed as a romantic comedy takes a while to get going and often feels like a crime thriller as Ava tries to escape her ex-boyfriend and earn her freedom. O’Sullivan’s choice of accent is a little misjudged too and it sometimes creates a barrier between him and Ava as they’re supposed to be forming a bond. Ava Moriarty is a great character in the wrong movie, it may have been better if one genre was picked.

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