Previously On: WandaVision – Disney+ Talk

Previously On: WandaVision - Disney+ Talk

Previously On: WandaVision – Disney+ Talk (Spoilers)

It’s hard to think that next week will mark the end of Season 1(?) of Marvel’s ‘Wandavision’. And yet, here we are: Episode 8 was released on Friday!

Episode 8, titled ‘Previously On’, sees Wanda and Agatha Harkness relive Wanda’s past and present to discover how Wanda was able to cast a spell over Westview. 

This episode was unique to the show for two reasons: Firstly, we weren’t treated to another era of a TV show layout, due to Westview now being up to date with the modern world. And, secondly, we don’t get a perspective from outside The Hex until the mid-credits scene. While these aspects make this episode unique to the show, it also made sense: the show is nearing to a close, so the rest of the loose ends that the show planted need to be tied up. 

This episode is one of my favourites and was unexpectedly emotional as Agatha leads Wanda through her childhood and the events of ‘Age of Ultron’ to understand how she became as powerful as she is now. The episode almost acts out as a messed-up therapy session as Wanda revisits painful memories to someone who is clueless about these events. However, this episode also gives non-Marvel fans, who wanted to watch the show, a rundown of the key events that led to Wanda being who she is now.

This also includes her first encounter with Vision, a scene that was the most emotional knowing where his fate may ultimately lead. This scene also highlights what makes Wanda and Vision perfect for each other: at this point in time, Wanda was so tortured that she was mostly emotionless. However, because Vision doesn’t understand complex human emotions, her interactions with him encouraged her to be more openly emotional. Even Agatha shed a tear from this interaction!

Overall, episode 8 has given viewers much needed answers. However, with only one episode left, how will ‘Wandavision’ be resolved? 

Once again, the remainder of this article will now be spoilers for Episode 8 of ‘Wandavision’. 

I previously mentioned that this episode partly focuses on Wanda’s childhood. And, through this sequence, we get our first answer. The reason that each episode had a different sitcom layout was because they were reflective of the sitcom VHS tapes that her parents had. They would then use a ‘movie night’ event as a special treat for their children, in order to distract them from the war that was going on around them. This was another emotional scene as the family sit down to watch ‘The Dick van Dyke Show’ and then a bomb suddenly hits their home, killing both of the parents instantly. It was a sudden shock, but an impactful moment. 

The other memory that we’re shown revolves around what actually happened when Tyler Hayward revealed that Wanda had stolen Vision’s body from S.W.O.R.D in Episode 4. And, if viewers weren’t convinced that Hayward is untrustworthy then the following sequence will definitely convince them now!

What actually happened was Hayward let Wanda through (she didn’t storm in) and let her see Vision’s body for herself. And she’s shown S.W.O.R.D dismantling Vision and collecting wiring and parts of him. According to Hayward, Vision’s body is worth billions, and he can’t allow Wanda to bury billions of dollars in Vibranium. However, aside from smashing the glass window to the room below, Wanda doesn’t act out violently to this news and to seeing Vision; she’s actually hurt and upset. This means Hayward tampered with the security footage that was shown in Episode 4. Furthermore, the strike on Westview (which was introduced in the last episode) still hasn’t occurred yet. Hayward deliberately tampered with the security footage, so he would have an excuse to launch an attack on Wanda, so that she’d never be able to take Vision’s body to bury. Once again, this scene is emotional; if I saw a dead loved one getting torn apart for parts, in the sake of money, I’d be angry too!

However, it’s revealed that she never took his body. Instead, the world she created and trapped Westview under was created by her own ultimate sadness and grief, something that I predicted near the beginning of ‘Wandavision’. And, overall, I can’t feel angry at her: she was tortured, betrayed and had a loved one kept away from her. I can’t blame Wanda for her actions, even if they are also nightmarish; she just wants to be happy with Vision and her children. However, while the way she created this world was predicted, the way Vision enters this world was completely unexpected. Vision in ‘Wandavision’ is an illusion, manifested by her powers and energy. And, if he’s an illusion then what does that mean for Tommy and Billy? My prediction is that they’re not real; they’re also an illusion. While this may seem farfetched, she did create a house and a sentient lifeform from her powers, as well as trap a whole town in a fantasy world, so my theory may not be so absurd. 

Previously On: WandaVision – Disney+ Talk

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