We Interrupt This Program (WandaVision): Disney+ Talk

We Interrupt This Program (WandaVision): Disney+ Talk

Disney+ Talk With Megan Williams: Wandavision Episode 4: We Interrupt This Program


After Episode 3’s game-changing ending (and aspect ratio), I am now even more invested in ‘Wandavision’ than I originally was when it started. And in Episode 4, titled ‘We Interrupt This Program’, viewers are rewarded with some answers!

In this episode, FBI Agent Woo and Captain Monica Rambeau are sent to the quiet town of Westview, where they discover that people have been going missing and no one seems to know the town exists.

Knowledge of the basic story arc for ‘The Avengers’ films are now key, as the episode opens immediately with ‘The Blip’. This was an event in which all the people that Thanos had snapped away in ‘Infinity War’ came back after Iron Man redid the snap, thus bringing everyone back 5 years later. Not only is this opening sequence creepy as we see people literally reform out of thin air, but it also highlights the more chaotic and terrifying side to this action. This is beautifully displayed in a hospital, where patients who had been long thought gone have suddenly reappeared and are causing panic due to overpopulation and confusion. While the Marvel films always showed the bigger picture, ‘Wandavision’ is happy to show the more grounded effects of this action. This is reminiscent of Wanda seeing the results of her actions in the opening scene of ‘Captain America: Civil War’. This episode is showing us the results of an Avengers action directly, and how it’s affected regular civilians.

The episode also gives us some character references: Monica ‘Photon’ Rambeau, Captain Director of S.W.O.R.D, is the daughter of Maria Rambeau who was Captain Marvel’s best friend. Another is with a line that S.W.O.R.D director Tyler Hayward mentions (played by Josh Stamberg). He mentions that he still has four missing astronauts out in space, laying the groundwork for the upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ movie. It’s a throwaway line but it’s delightful to know that Marvel haven’t forgotten how to foreshadow future projects. 

Overall, while we got the answers earlier than I expected, I’m glad that we’ve been given them, and that my theories about the show are correct. However, now that we’ve been given some answers, I hope it doesn’t devolve back into the familiar Marvel formula.

So, like I’ve been doing with previous ‘Wandavision’ articles, the section below will have spoilers. You have been warned!

As I’ve just mentioned, I’m happy that this episode has proven my theories correct: Wanda is controlling the town of Westview by placing an energy field round it and blocking anyone from leaving once they’ve entered the area. This is so she can have a place to grieve for Vision by herself and live happily ever after with the illusion that she’s created of him. This is why Vision doesn’t know where he is and, in the last episode, doesn’t understand where Geraldine went to, or know that the townsfolk are trapped. It also highlights how powerful Wanda is; the show’s writing is more than making up for the poor treatment Elizabeth Olsen’s character got in the films. She’s a fantastic and powerful character but can be scary when something occurs that will disrupts her picture perfect life that she’s created for herself. 

The beekeeper and helicopter seen in Episode 2 all belong to S.W.O.R.D, as well as the radio transmission. These are all efforts from S.W.O.R.D, to rescue Wanda from the town, not realising that she is the one controlling the town in the first place. This now begs the question: If Vision is an illusion, then are her twin children illusions too, or are they real? If so, how did they come to be? And, if they turn out to be an illusion, what will that mean for Wanda and, more importantly, the town and its residents?

We Interrupt This Program (WandaVision): Disney+ Talk

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