The Funeral Home: Review

Bernardo (Luis Machin) lives with his wife, Estela (Celeste Gerez) and their teenage daughter, Irina (Camila Vaccarini) and they have the same ordinary lives that any other family does. However, family is not without its troubles and Bernardo and his wife don’t agree on a lot of things. Irina is also a typical teenage girl who wants everything and thinks she has nothing, doting on her grandmother to give her things that her parents refuse.

They also live in a funeral home in which Bernardo makes his living and the supernatural aspect of their lives just comes with the job. Bernardo is frequently contacted by a ghost who writes on fogged up windows and although it hasn’t got in the way before, his relationship with the ghost is taking a strain on his marriage.

Not to mention that Irina is getting more freaked out with every passing day as the supernatural occurrences get darker and more disturbing.

The Funeral Home (or La Funeraria) is an Argentinian supernatural horror movie written and directed by Mario Iván Ojeda. Perhaps taking inspiration from Hereditary, The Funeral Home has a seemingly ordinary family setting with a supernatural edge that runs right through it.

A slowburn thriller that likes to slowly build the tension, the movie doesn’t entirely take its beats from the more famous horror movie, but it does manage to capture that feeling and only gets stranger the longer the audience watch.

The cast all do a great job, especially Vaccarini who has to watch as the lives of her family crumble around her, forcing the young actress to really show off her range. However, with the more supernatural elements being mostly implied, it often leaves a lot open to interpretation which may interest some or bore others.

Also, the finale seems to give a broader range of horror fans what they want, but it may also confuse and frustrate others as it gives more questions than answers. The Funeral Home may look like a familiar horror story in a different setting, but the audience will have to decide how satisfied they are with the finished product.

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