The Benefits Of Video For Non-Profits

The Benefits Of Video For Non-Profits

The Benefits of Video for Non-Profits

Running a non-profit is a noble endeavor, but it can also be an incredibly challenging one. Statistics show that there are over 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations in the United States alone, all vying for support, attention, and awareness for their own goals and needs.

Trying to get eyes on your non-profit and draw attention to your cause can feel almost impossible at times, and while a few non-profits are nationally recognizable names, the vast majority are much smaller, often struggling to get by and having a hard time raising any serious funds.

Fortunately, today’s technological world benefits a whole host of new opportunities for non-profits wanting to get more support. From social media messaging to custom non-profit apps, there are all kinds of techniques you can take advantage of, and one of the best options is video.

Short films and TV commercials can be immensely advantageous for non-profit organizations, for a wide range of reasons, and there are many video production companies out there that can help you put together the perfect clip. Here are just a few reasons why.


Ultimately, when it comes to gathering support for your non-profit, you need to make an impact on people, helping them see why your cause matters and feel the need to support it. Video is one of the best forms of media to make this happen, and we can see just how effective video can be by considering how commercial films and TV shows affect our emotions in day to day life.

People can feel just as much, or even more, from watching a couple of minutes of well-made video than reading dozens of pages of text. This is why so many of the biggest non-profits out there often make use of TV commercials to spread their message and build up awareness, and donations often rise exponentially in the wake of an effective video campaign.

Clear and Concise 

Following on from the previous point, it’s also important to note that videos allow you to be very clear and concise with your message. This can prove to be invaluable, especially for non-profits that may have somewhat complicated aims or in-depth goals, which can be difficult to condense or explain through text or other forms of media.

For instance, this TV commercial from the Feeding South Dakota non-profit lasts just 30 seconds. In that time, it manages to convey an important message and tells the viewer a lot of what they need to know about the organization and its aims. Trying to get the same message across in text, could take several pages and be far less engaging for the average member of the public.

Appealing to a Broad and Modern Audience

A big part of running a successful non-profit organization is knowing how to be adaptable and move with the times, adapting to the needs and demands of today’s world. And one of the key facts about modern day audiences is that they favor video content over other forms of media and prefer when messages are delivered to them in a clear, visual way.

This is why video can be so useful. Short films and TV spots help to get the message of your non-profit across to a modern audience in a matter of seconds or minutes. What’s more, modern audiences are much more likely to share and recommend this kind of content to their friends, helping to spread the word even further about your organization and generate additional interest.

Versatile and Efficient

Finally, we also have to note that non-profit videos can be highly versatile. When you’re working with text on a webpage or simple stationary images, there are only so many ways you can present your information and ideas. With a video, however, the sky’s the limit, especially when working with a trusted production company.

You can play around with all kinds of ideas to get the message of your organization across to the audience, and this can be one of the most efficient methods of raising awareness for any non-profit. In just 30 seconds, you could get countless people interested in your cause. It also requires minimal effort on your part, as a lot of the hard work can be handled by your production partner. It benefits.

Final Word

Every non-profit organization needs to find ways to raise awareness and support, and video content really is one of the best options out there right now. Efficient, effective, and up to date, it’s the ultimate awareness-raising tool.

The Benefits Of Video For Non-Profits

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