Breaking The Fourth Wall: WandaVision – Disney+ Talk

Breaking The Fourth Wall: WandaVision - Disney+ Talk

Breaking The Fourth Wall: WandaVision – Disney+ Talk

We are now nearing the end of Marvel’s fantastic show ‘Wandavision’ and, in this episode, the viewers are rewarded with more answers, more specifically the answer of who’s behind all of this. 

In Episode 7 of ‘Wandavision’, titled ‘Breaking The Fourth Wall’, Wanda decides that she’s going to have a day to herself after the events of Halloween. Meanwhile, on the edge of town, Vision and Dr Darcy Lewis team up and Monica Rambeau finds a way to get back inside The Hex.

This episode takes on the narrative structure and layout of ‘Modern Family’, allowing the lead characters to talk directly to us and telling us their thoughts on the situations they’re in. The intro segment also only includes Wanda until the very end, when the title of the show is revealed. This is the first episode where Vision is not seen for the majority of the introduction. This could symbolize that, because Vision is on the edge of town, near The Hex, that Wanda can’t reach him, so just hasn’t included him this time.

Whilst the ‘interview’ segments of this episode provide the humour for most of this episode, viewers also get a perspective from Vision that hasn’t been allowed until now. This is due to the various structures of the shows each episode has focused on. It also allowed Vision to talk freely about his wife without her seeing or manipulating him, and here, we can see that he really does care for her, despite everything that’s been happening. Like Dr Darcy Lewis says, ‘the one thing I do know is that the love you both have for each other is real’.

The plotline revolving around Dr Darcy Lewis and Vision was one of my favourites in this episode, next to Monica’s story arc. Not only is their onscreen chemistry fantastic but, because Vision can’t remember anything before this show, Darcy has to update him on how he came to be and every event that occurred afterwards. While this would usually be a serious moment, the episode’s structure doesn’t allow it to be.

Therefore, instead, viewers get a scene revolving around a very confused Vision repeating his origins to Darcy to make sure he has the information correct. To a lesser extent, this reminds me of a scene in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ where Thor is drunkenly rambling to the Avengers, but he’s actually describing the plot to ‘Thor: The Dark World’. Without context, it sounds ridiculous and funny, like when Vision is repeating his origin; it sounds insane!

In this episode, Wanda decides that she’s going to have a day to herself, leaving Tommy and Billy with Agnes. However, Wanda finds that she can’t relax, and her powers are going out of control, causing the house layout, and some items, to change every now and again. This could either be the result of her abusing her powers after the last episode, or she’s starting to lose control of the illusion that’s been set up. Agnes babysitting the kids means that she’s given her own scenes without Wanda supposedly looking in. And, during her interview segment, it looked as if she’d been crying, as if she was still wanting a way out. Her expression could also be the result of the events from the night before…

Breaking The Fourth Wall: WandaVision – Disney+ Talk – But I can’t talk about anymore of this episode without spoiling it. Therefore, the rest of this article will now be filled with spoilers!

So, two major events occurred in this week’s episode: the first one revolves around Monica Rambeau. On the other side of The Hex, Monica decides to go into the Hex again. However, the most armoured vehicle ever can’t get through, so she goes through herself. In doing so, she doesn’t change; her memory stays the same. However, as she enters The Hex, her eye colour changes to a bright blue. And, in the show’s only mid credits scene, she develops purple eyes when she discovers Agatha’s coven. I think part of the Hex is now in her DNA and, furthermore, some of Agatha’s magic. I also don’t think The Hex will affect her anymore. 

And, finally, let’s address the elephant in the room: Agnes was behind it all!…or should I say Agatha Harkness! 

I was never on board with the theory that Agnes was in control. I never felt like it would’ve worked, and I felt more sympathetic towards her, thinking she was a victim. However, I have been proved wrong before. I started to realize something was wrong with Agnes when she interrupts an interaction between Wanda and Monica. And then, when Wanda is brought into her house and the kids are nowhere to be seen, she investigates and finds a witches coven, something that wouldn’t be out of place at Chessington World of Adventures. It’s then revealed that Agatha Harkness was behind everything, including bringing Quiksilver into the show. This explains why Agnes was fine with every strange thing that happened. 

The song that plays when the show reveals everything is fantastic, and reminiscent of ‘The Addams Family’ or ‘The Munsters Show’. It’s goofy but teasing: It’s not mocking the viewers (mainly because the viewers had theorized this since episode 2), but Wanda, and her inability to figure out who had strengthened her powers. As well as this, I have a couple of theories regarding Tommy and Billy: I either don’t think the kids are real or, if they are, then they’ve already been given to Mephisto, or is about to be. Despite being a demon, Mephisto first appears as a fly in the comics; something that is seen by Wanda in Agatha’s house. The appearance of this character has been a strong theory ever since the start of the show. 

But now that everything has been revealed, and the episode ended with Wanda in trouble, how will the show be resolved? Will Monica Rambeau be the one who will put a stop to all of this?

Breaking The Fourth Wall: WandaVision – Disney+ Talk

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