Go/Don’t Go: Review

Go/Don't Go

Go/Don’t Go: Review – Adam (Alex Knapp) has a quiet life, he never really wants to get in anyone’s way and prefers to be in the background, just enjoying his own company and whoever wants to join him is just fine. He’s the definition up ‘failing upwards’, he lets the world go by and whatever happens happens.

Then one day as Adam goes about his daily routine the audience finds him repeating that same routine over and over again until they may start to realise that Adam is alone. Not alone in the sense that he’s lonely, but in the sense that there’s literally nobody else in the world.

Soon Adam starts to think about things he’s never really thought before; he thinks about past loves, about past relationships good and bad and although he’s usually used to his own company, he’s starting to feel that loneliness and along with that comes regret of missed opportunities.

Adam also starts to imagine the people who he had in his life and he’d sit down and talk to them. Even though he’s really talking to himself. He does anything that would stave off the boredom and monotony, but at least he’s alive.

Go/Don’t Go is a post-apocalyptic drama written, directed by and starring Alex Knapp. Taking inspiration from movies such as The Last Man on Earth, The Omega Man and I Am Legend, Knapp’s story takes away all the sensational science fiction aspects, focussing on one man and how he would deal with being the only one left. However, the slow burn aspect of the drama on which the movie sells itself could feel a little grating and may test the patience of people expecting more of a story.

There’s no world ending bomb and no virus that destroys humanity (thank goodness), but what’s left feels a little too slow for its own good and a little conflict no matter how small may have livened things up.

Knapp does a great job and it’s no easy task to try and hold a movie entirely by yourself, but perhaps now is not the right time to watch it if you’ve spent a certain amount of time alone away from everybody else you love.

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