Boris And The Bomb: Review

Boris (J. Anthony McCarthy) is a former KGB agent that defected to the US around 30 years ago and he’s having a bad night. He’s in the possession of a nuclear bomb that’s counting down and will detonate in 48 hours unless he does something about it.

Not only that, but there are various terrorist groups, gangs and the FBI after him to get the bomb back to use for reasons that Boris fears are less than honourable. Plus, there are a few people cropping up from his past to make matters worse and it feels like it’s going to be a terrible couple of days for Boris.

Boris and The Bomb is a feature length movie directed by David Kronmiller and co-written by Jennifer Emily McClean, based on their web series from 2009 called And Boris. Billed as an action buddy comedy in the same vein as Midnight Run, Boris soon meets an Uber… I’m sorry, Yuber driver named Jimmy (Steve Sabo) who’s the nervous type and even more nervous when he finds out what Boris is carrying so closely to him.

Unfortunately, although Boris and The Bomb may have an interesting premise that may be ripe for comedy and parody of bigger, more serious action movies, it’s a shame that Boris and The Bomb’s tone is so uneven.

For the first hour of the long running time, the movie feels like it has very little time to introduce any characters properly, so the audience is expected to keep up. While that may be acceptable as snippets of dialogue and action may tell the audience all they need to know, for the most part it feels very confusing.

Especially as the audience is supposed to care about Boris and they’re given very little information about him until an hour into the movie. Then just as the audience may think they have a grasp on things, the plot moves to the villains and their stories are played out, but again with very little character development or exposition in a short period of time.

One minute, Boris and The Bomb is a light hearted action buddy comedy, the next there are melodramatic scenes between family members that the audience doesn’t even know about and the movie expects them to care.

Then there’s the extended fight scene finale which may be a commentary on how all those kinds of action movies end up that way. However, to do so in such a serious and cliched manner makes it feel like the movie wished it was more than it was. Only for fans of the web series and even then, it may be difficult for people to care as it was so long ago.

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