Book Of Monsters: Review

Book Of Monsters

When Sophie (Lyndsay Craine) was a child, her mother (Samantha Mesagno) loved reading her stories about the monsters that lurk in the dark and the variety of ways they would terrorise people. Sophie loved it too and had a real bond with her mother because knowing that she was there to protect her made her feel safe. Until one night when Sophie’s mum was taken away by the monster that lived under her bed.

Now Eighteen and Sophie still feels a close bond to her mum, but with only her dad, Jonas (Nicholas Vince) to raise her, she feels something is missing. Although her dad tries to do the best by her, he doesn’t really understand how she’s changed.

Then on the night of her 18th birthday, Sophie brings over her friends, Mona (Michaela Longden) and Beth (Lizzie Stanton) and when her dad has left, the party really gets started. Unfortunately, due to an heirloom passed down to Sophie from her mother, it unleashes demonic entities that only Sophie can defeat – using the Book of Monsters.

Book of Monsters is a Kickstarter horror comedy which owes more than a little to The Evil Dead. The set up harkens back to slasher monster movies of the 80’s and is unashamedly proud of knowing where it came from.

With an array of rather impressive monsters that are all done with practical effects, Book of Monsters feels like a British version of The Cabin in The Woods and its variety of monsters are often hilarious and highly inventive.

Among the cast are many different types of people such as an inept male stripper and a German exchange student which adds to the flavour of the movie and all feels very British. The creativity behind the characters, dialogue and the monsters that stalk Sophie will also make the audience either laugh out loud or wonder how such impressive character designs were achieved on a low budget.

Everything from a shape shifting succubus to zombified garden gnomes are thrown at the party and although it may not be highly original, Book of Monsters is a fun horror comedy that does a lot of things right.

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