Party Games Are Back: How Streaming Games Is Changing The Face Of Gaming

Party games have always been the cheesy thing we do at Christmas or at family gatherings. Playing a game of charades or Pictionary have long been a staple of group entertainment, but with the takeover of technology, video games have taken over. 

Multiplayer games and online game streaming has become far more popular than these games ever were, with nearly 70% of all Americans playing online video games. But that doesn’t mean that party games are done for, far from it in fact. With the digital world taking over, it just means that party games have needed to evolve. Here, we’ll discuss the latest trend in online party games and how online streaming is changing the face of gaming.

What are Streaming Party Games?

The internet has given us so many different forms of entertainment and one way it truly shines is through video games. There’s a video game for everyone whether you consider yourself to be a ‘gamer’ or not. There’s a demand for interactive streaming when it comes to gaming, now more than ever. One of the most popular platforms in recent years it Twitch, a site where people can watch or host live streams of gameplay to a worldwide audience. 

Streaming has also infiltrated the world of online casinos in a big way. Now, online casinos host live casino games where people can play a range of different games online and even take part in tournaments with players all around the globe.

Another popular form of streaming is local live streaming. Streaming party games have become increasingly popular over the past few years as they bring video gaming back to the people in the room. Let’s look at a few of them now.


Jackbox Games

Let’s face it, a lot of party games suck. But Jackbox came along and made them fun again. Jackbox is a gaming company that has over 25 different local multiplayer games that users can play using a combination of their smartphones and TV screen. The format may have changed, but the games themselves are still pretty similar. Many of them consist of trivia, wordplay and fun deception games. Essentially, many of them force you to turn against your friends, and it couldn’t be more fun!

The reason the format works so well is because the creators know that people love two things – gaming and their phones. If a party is going south, you can pretty much guarantee that putting on Jackbox games will revive it. They’re easy to play, there’s no real learning curve and there’s a game for everyone to enjoy.


Pummel Party and Mario Party

Pummel Party has a similar premise to Jackbox games but is much more like a traditional third-person video game. Up to four players can play online or locally on the same screen, and in a similar vein to Jackbox, proudly claims to be “friendship ruining fun”. It also uses AI for players who have already beaten their friends or want to play solo, but the main draw to this game is the online and local streaming element.

Mario Party is a Nintendo Switch multiplayer which has been described by some as cruel but addictive. This board game style video game is chaotic and also forces you to turn against your friends. You move a space and get a star, move again and you could lose it. Random dice rolls could cause you to lose all the coins you’ve collected and it can leave you screaming at the screen. But it’s one of those games you and your friends will keep coming back to time and time again.

What Can We Expect For the Future of Streaming?

Streaming is now becoming one of the most popular forms of online gaming and it’s taking over even the most traditional forms of gaming at home. It’s hard to predict an exact outcome for the future of gaming since it is constantly evolving. The sky truly is the limit: people have found a way to turn streaming into a career and it’s taking over traditional forms of media rapidly. In only a few years we may see the landscape change dramatically, but we can be sure it isn’t going away any time soon.

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