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Run: Review – Chloe Sherman (Kiera Allen) was born very prematurely and because of that she has to live with multiple conditions that affect her everyday life including using a wheelchair. She lives with her mum, Diane (Sarah Paulson) and is home schooled, but as Chloe is turning Seventeen her thoughts turn to college and living independently. Although her mother is less than thrilled with the idea because she’s been with Chloe for every significant life event so far.

Then one day Chloe discovers something that entirely changes everything she ever thought about her life. What’s worse, she starts to believe that the one person she thought she could trust, her own mother, may be deceiving her.

Run is a horror movie co-written and directed by Aneesh Chaganty after the success of his directorial debut, Searching and coming exclusively to Hulu. It’s just unfortunate that Run doesn’t come across as anywhere near as exciting and inventive as Chaganty’s predecessor.

Right from the start the audience is made aware that Chloe’s life is not what she thinks it may be, and that Diane’s trauma of having to raise a child who was so premature has taken its toll. So as much as the audience may want there to be something big that changes their perception of Diane, the movie plays out almost exactly as they may have expected as Chloe frantically searches for evidence against her own mother.

Unfortunately, all of the evidence that Chloe needs is neatly dotted around her house and hometown making it feel rather contrived when she just happens to find exactly what she needs to forward the plot.

Saying all that though and besides the predictable plot, both Paulson and newcomer Allen play well off each other with the latter seemingly able to match her on-screen mother toe to toe.

Also, Paulson plays a good mixture of overwhelmingly caring and deeply menacing, perhaps channelling Annie Wilkes in Misery a little as her grip tightens around her daughter. A step down from the innovative Searching, but Run can entertain if you don’t try too hard to think about the plot.

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