Evil Under The Skin: Review

Evil Under The Skin

Deciding to spend a weekend away together, Sophie (Helene Udy) and her daughter, Roselee (Angela Barajas) prepare themselves for what could either be a great bonding experience or a terrible time opening old wounds and discussing past trauma. Sophie is also having trouble psychologically as she’s not taking her medication and is having demonic visions and horrific nightmares involving her daughter.

Matt (Tim O’Hearn) and Carla (Donna Hamblin) are ‘brother and sister’ and they seem to be up to no good and so when they see Sophie and realise that she’s not in her right mind, they see an opportunity for some fun.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Roy Keeps (Carl Bailey) and Ranger Jenny Ross (Pamela Sutch) are investigating a disturbance at the secluded lake house where Sophie and her daughter are staying. However, after realising that Sophie may be in need of some professional help, they become can’t decide on the right course of action.

Evil Under the Skin is the latest movie from director Jeffrey Schneider and is a masterclass in how to… make a bad movie. Usually a bad script, bad actors and a low budget can be excused if there’s a little fun to be had with the film, but unfortunately Evil Under the Skin doesn’t even manage that as there’s so much wrong with it.

The movie is slow and barely touching the ninety-minute mark, the uses tricks such as having numerous tracking shots along the lake, extended shots of Sophie’s inner turmoil and a few moments of gratuitous nudity thrown in for good measure, hoping to wake up or distract the audience.

Minor characters also have extended monologues about their traumatic pasts for no particular reason, and in one scene an unscripted car passes by in the secluded lakeside area which destroys any sense of isolated horror that the movie may have been trying to achieve. The ending could be said to be predictable, that’s if anybody’s still paying attention by that point, but for those who were still awake it would hardly be a surprise considering the poor quality of the rest of the movie.

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