Brittany S Mason: Interview

Brittany S Mason

Brittany S Mason is a fashion model based in Los Angeles. Today we had the opportunity to catch up with her!

Tell us a little about you & your background in modeling. How did you get into modeling?

I always wanted to model growing up, and the first time I felt like I might be good at it was when I took my senior photos, I treated it like a photoshoot. And then years later I participated in a beauty pageant at my college and there was a photoshoot they had to promote the pageant, and that went very well. After that, I remember a friend asked to take pictures of me and I initially said nobody convinced me to, and a few days later we took pictures around the campus and I thought of it as a real photoshoot.

After that, I really became interested in modeling, and I googled how to become a model, and started finding different photographers on Social media to Collaborate with since all the articles that I read said to build my portfolio. And from there on I started reaching out to different photographers that I wanted to shoot with and with lots of persistence and dedication, I eventually got to where I’m at now.

What has been your biggest setback to date & how did you overcome it?

The biggest setback I had was : years ago when I first started modeling, I remember a celebrity stylist reaching out to work with me, and I remember her offering me money as compensation for the shoot if I was able to make it that day. I made it to the shoot location, But unfortunately she had booked other models prior to my arrival. I was on time for the shoot, but  somebody had hacked my email address and deleted her cancellation email to me so I never received it until later on.

I overcame this eventually by realizing that it was just one opportunity missed and that there would be plenty of other opportunities to come. At the time I was devastated because I had never been paid for a job before and I thought that that would be the only opportunity but I was wrong about that. I almost quit modeling but luckily I had supportive friends that encouraged me not to.

What has been your favorite job to date and why?

As far as favorite jobs go, I can’t pick one but my top two favorites were shooting for Scott Barnes cosmetics and dose of colors. I really enjoyed them because everybody was really sweet and I enjoyed working with those teams and they are a couple of my favorite brands.

What projects are you currently working on? 

Currently, I am working on updating my YouTube with more beauty and fashion content!

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