Flixboss Cuts Through Netflix Search Frustrations

Flixboss Cuts Through Netflix Search Frustrations

Netflix has become a huge part of film watching life thanks to its legions of subscribers, and massive content and future plans.  While this is all great for the big N, some frustrations still remain when you lie on the sofa, launch Netflix and try to find something to watch.  

Netflix’s front page has a heavy focus on showing you what is new and trending alongside their Original content.  You cant blame them I guess.  Options in various categories are broken down for you, but they tend to be based around the most recent or popular.  If you’re looking for anything outside this, it can be a lilt annoying.

This is where Flixboss comes in (UK version available here).

Flixboss is the unofficial Netflix guide that makes it easier to discover the best movies, TV shows, documentaries, new releases and Originals that are available to stream on Netflix in the United Kingdom.

Flixboss lets you easily search for the best movies and series on your Netflix account based on the IMDb rankings.  The IMDb rankings include a huge library of older films!!!  Best of all, you can narrow down your search by year or genre.

Flixboss is an improved search engine for Netflix that includes trailers, ratings from IMDb and actually lists the movies in a logical order.

It’s really simple to use: simply click on the ‘IMDB Rating’ button, select a genre and/or year and check out the list of options. Films are ranked with an IMDb user score out of ten.

Available genres include Action, Adventure, Animated, Comedy, Crime Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, History, War, Horror, Mystery, Sci-fi and more. If you’re not fussed on a particular genre, you can also see a list of every movie ranked together.

Each film has its own popup page that contains a synopsis, cast, director, running time and trailer. A link to the corresponding IMDB page is also included.

If you’re hungry for the latest titles, you can conduct searches based on newly added content – just click on the ‘Netflix Premiere’ button and choose your genre.

A simple and elegant solution to your Netflix woes!

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