The Wise Little Hen: Disney+ Talk

The Wise Little Hen: Disney+ Talk

The Wise Little Hen: Disney+ Talk – Today marks Donald Duck’s 86th Birthday so, in celebration, I went through the Disney+ site to see if Donald’s first ever appearance was on there. 

‘The Wise Little Hen’ is an 8-minute short film that was released in 1934. After no one helps a hen with harvesting corn, she decides to eat the food, that she makes from it, all between herself and her chicks.

Like ‘The Three Little Pigs’ short that I previously reviewed, this short is accompanied by a song and has a lesson to it. The lesson in this short is to help your friends and loved ones out when required, and don’t expect to be rewarded if you haven’t contributed to the work required.

These shorts are not only timeless due to the hand drawn animation, but also because of the life lessons that they provide; they’re fantastic shorts to show young children, and for family viewing.

Donald Duck makes his debut appearance in this short. While the voice has rarely changed, his appearance has changed quite a lot, and become more detailed over the years. He’s developed a wider head and beak, and detailed feathers, as well as developed an expressive personality too! 

Overall, this is a charming and timeless short film. I would highly recommend this short; the animation is gorgeous, and the characters are lovable. This is also a good introduction to Donald Duck and a window into the iconic character’s past.

Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

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