The Shared History Of Browser-Based And Online Casino Gaming

The Shared History of Browser-Based and Online Casino Gaming

When the internet started to take off following the new millennium, there were a lot of users looking to try something new. While the early web showed immense promise, its limitations in data transmission speeds meant that few could use it to explore the worlds that it theoretically had to offer. Instead, we were introduced to a new avenue, that of browser-based games.

Rather than require enormous downloads, which weren’t feasible on the formerly standard 56k connection, browser games were accessible for almost all users, making them breakout hits. There was, however, a definite schism between the two major types of browser games – those of straight video games and those of online casino games. Taking a look at this history, we want to explore the origins of this relationship, and how it grew.

The First Steps

As mentioned, the biggest advantages of early video and casino browser games came from their relatively small size. In ideal circumstances on the typical connections of the time, downloading a 30-megabyte game demo would take an hour, if not much more, all according to Since browser games usually measured in at around a couple of megabytes on the higher end, downloading and playing these was far more tolerable at the time.

Both video games and online casino games on browsers benefitted from this reality, though casino games could usually take it a step further. This was owed to a bottleneck that many systems suffered in terms of browser game complexity and performance when using the former standard Flash, as examined at

The more moving parts a browser game had, the worse it would play on an average system. By their very nature, the rules of casino games are simple, making their translation into browsers far more efficient than the complex systems that many traditional video game developers were aiming for. In the end, this gave casino games an appreciable leg up.

Into the Modern Age

Over time, better internet connections and computers raised the bar significantly on what browser games could accomplish. Already having established themselves in the early days of the shared internet, their legacy carried them forward with great momentum. This momentum was further aided by the introduction and then ubiquity of smartphones and tablets. These proved a boon for both sides of the video game/casino coin, but again casinos received the better end of the deal.

The major advantages for online casinos on mobiles came from how easily their controls could be simplified, no matter the game. For example, consider the hundreds of games available on a website like From the multitude of slots, live casino games, blackjack, roulette, and more, each of these can be controlled perfectly from a touch-input device. Touch controls for traditional video games, however, have often proven clunky and undesirable.

Going Forward

Now established in their patterns and operations, it’s very likely that browser games in both their major forms will continue unabated. Popularity for these games, after decades, still hasn’t peaked, so it’s difficult to tell exactly were the final resting point might lie. What we do know is that these two parts of the same whole will continue to borrow from each other, and as fans of both online casino games and browser video games, this suits us just fine.

The Shared History of Browser-Based and Online Casino Gaming

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