Video Games v Movies: The Archetypal Rivalry

Video Games v Movies: The Archetypal Rivalry

The entertainment industry is a challenging place, and while it all looks fun and light on the outside, there is much more than meets the eye. With many different kinds of entertainment available to audiences nowadays, it is rather surprising that the everlasting rivalry between video games and movies has managed to resist the passage of time and remain a key focal point. Still, considering that the similarities between the two are identified as its main driver, it is no surprise that the competitive tendencies are as vibrant as ever.

The movie industry has long held the dominant position, but recent years witnessed video games progress exponentially, with revenues overtaking those of the motion picture productions with double the amounts. Due to such changes, the focus shifted to the causes behind them, and several key considerations have stood out as the main causes for it. While some refer to technological progress, others may go deeper into human nature, as people look at these forms of entertainment as a mode of escapism.

Sporting Video Games

In recent years, video gaming has been established as a form of sport, and people started viewing it more seriously than ever before. It has come to be known as eSports, and its potential for profit is definitely one of the main reasons video games managed to surpass movies. Even though it does not include any specific physical activity, which is the case with several other sports, it does meet the basic requirements to gain such status. Nowadays, there are massive global competitions, events and conventions dedicated entirely it. In turn, this opened up a pool of business opportunities, from sponsorships to betting opportunities, with sportsbook segments entirely dedicated to eSports odds. You can get betting picks and tips from video gaming pros, and explore eSports potential even further.

Opening New Horizons

Aside from PCs and consoles, a new massively rising form of video gaming has taken the fore – mobile games. This recent addition to the game selection has caused a massive boom in player traffic, mainly due to the compactness and wide accessibility it provides. Video gaming fans finally got the chance to enjoy their favourite titles on the go, maximising the use of their free commuting time or during work breaks.

Leaving a Mark

The movie industry has always been considered a main source of such cult, ever-green productions and franchises that would go down in history as epic achievements. However, once video games started breaking new grounds and improving massively, they were able to establish their own set of monumental franchises, starting from the likes of LOL, through Counter Strike, to Grand Theft Auto.

Interactive Reality

Both movies and video games have implemented new ways of experiencing the storyline, characters and the predominant action. While movies came up with multidimensional projections, video games made use of the newest tech advances in virtual reality. As this touches upon a basic human instinct to control the outcomes of their actions, it is no wonder that video games have progressed so determinedly, and show no signs of stagnation.

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