Cool Anime Characters Who Love To Play Casino

Cool Anime Characters Who Love To Play Casino

Cool Anime Characters Who Love To Play Casino

As one of the foremost styles of animated entertainment on the planet, anime has a special place in the heart of most Japanese.

Yes, it’s not only children who enjoy anime! This amazing genre of a cartoon is just as popular with adults, with plenty of shows addressing weighty issues including politics, social ills and mental health.

One of the recurring themes in anime is a love of gambling and the excitement that makes it so attractive to so many. This goes hand in hand with a recent surge in the popularity of gambling across Japan, with online casino sites such as proving extremely popular.

In this article, we will take a look at some cool anime characters who love to play casino, reflecting the Japanese love of this most thrilling of pursuits.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first character on our list…

Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop

This hugely popular character from one of the original super-popular anime series is a true rebel. Faye Valentine challenged stereotypes around females before it was conventional, doing plenty of smoking and drinking throughout the anime series.

Playing casino is one of Faye’s favourite pursuits to wind down after a day traversing the galaxy and capturing criminals. With such original characters, it’s no wonder that Cowboy Bebop is such a cult show.

Leroute – Hunter x Hunter

Another female gambler makes the second entry on our list, and this character is maybe even more committed to the game than our first. From the popular Hunter x Hunter series, which almost always makes the top ten lists of the most popular anime ever, Leroute is an intelligent and impulsive woman who loves nothing more than to head to the tables! In one episode, she even goes to jail for her gambling habits, now that’s commitment!

Uno – Nanbaka

A dedicated gambler, Uno from Nanbaka is also in jail yet this doesn’t stop him from playing casino games inside! Truly, this is another character that loves nothing more than the thrill from a game of poker or a few rounds on the slot machines.

Paulie – One Piece

Usually found sporting a cigar and playing casino games, Paulie is a Japanese invention clearly inspired by the classic Vegas lounge lizard type. With a good heart, it should be noted that his gambling can sometimes spiral out of control and get him into hot water.

Tsunade – Naruto Naruto’s 

Extremely popular with young people, Tsunade is a woman who absolutely adores gambling thanks to being taught by her grandpa. Whilst she might not be great, her good intentions and big heart endear her to anime lovers the world over. With healing powers and slick moves, the gambling should probably remain just a hobby!

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