What Profitable Movie Bets Can You Make?

What Profitable Movie Bets Can You Make?

What Profitable Movie Bets Can You Make?

Movie betting has become a part of the billion-dollar online gambling industry. Although its figures can’t compete head to head with sports betting, this chunk of the pie can’t be ignored either, especially with the interest in novelty betting growing these last couple of years.

With hundreds of films released every year, there are plenty of opportunities to make bets on various occurrences. Profitable movie bets can be taken from international or foreign movies. But usually, the spotlight of movie betting is on the films that are produced in Hollywood.

Let’s take a look at the profitable movie bets you can make online.

Award Ceremonies

The easiest and most profitable movie bets are those that are placed for movie award ceremonies. Several major award ceremonies take place every year. Movie bets can be made on shows like the BAFTAs or the Razzies. But the Academy Awards (also known as the Oscars) are the most well-known when it comes to betting on award shows.

When it comes to award ceremonies betting, you can make bets on who wins the best actor, best actress, best director, best film, among others. There are plenty of Oscar bets available every season, as the glamorous night draws near.


Film casting is one of the most important steps in coming up with a blockbuster film or an award-winning movie. Actors and actresses play a big part in the delivery of the story or driving the plot throughout the film. As such, picking the right actor is crucial in the industry.

When it comes to highly-anticipated Hollywood projects, the biggest movie stars often compete with each other for the best parts and the most screen time. Profitable movie bets are thus made on which actors or actresses are expected to play key roles in a particular movie.

Box Office

A film’s success is determined by how much profit it makes in theaters. With box office data easily available online via various entertainment websites, there are plenty of betting opportunities for movie-goers and bettors alike.

Profitable movie bets in this category include how much a movie is going to make at the box office, how much the movie will make on opening weekend, whether sales will beat the current record. There are also bets on whether movie A overtakes movie B’s box-office numbers or predictions for a movie’s domestic and worldwide ticket sales.


Thinking about death is morbid. But when it comes to wagering on movies, it’s just another betting opportunity. Let’s face it, deaths are common occurrences in movies, whether it’s an action-packed heist film or a thrill-seeking adventure.

There are plenty of movies where villains die and there are those where major supporting characters are killed off. Profitable movie bets include which characters are expected to die in a particular movie.

An Exciting Alternative

We’ve shown you four different types of profitable movie bets which you can make at the top betting sites. If you’re not quite sure about placing bets, GamblingSites.org lists the best betting sites where you can make secure, legal, and profitable movie bets. 

There are plenty of online wagers that can be made, regardless of whether you’re a hardcore film buff or just a casual spectator. The popularity and anticipation of major blockbuster hits make movie betting an exciting alternative to sports bets.

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