Pixar’s Soul: Trailer Talk

pixar’s soul

Trailer Talk: Pixar’s Soul

After giving toys, cars and even emotions feelings, Pixar have looked to giving human souls feelings in their new feature film ‘Soul’.

‘Soul’ stars Jamie Foxx, who voices Joe Gardner, a musician who has lost his passion for music and suddenly finds himself pulled out of his body. With the help of a soul who wants no part of joining Planet Earth (voiced by Tina Fey), Joe must find a way back to his own body.

While the animation looks spectacular, the actual setting looks a little bland. The trailer doesn’t show too much of the film, which I like, and I hope it won’t be another rushed film like ‘The Good Dinosaur’. The lead voice actors are perfect for the roles and it’s fantastic to see a film that may be including a soul and jazz musical score.

When I critique films, I always hope for the best; I may be disappointed by specific trailers, but I always still see the final film in hopes that it will be good, and this is no exception.

Pixar has made more fantastic films than bad films and I hope ‘Soul’ joins the good side of its filmography rather than it be bad and quickly forgotten.

‘Pixar’s Soul’ will be in cinemas 19th June 2020

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