The Vampire Of Soho: Final Girls Berlin Review

The Vampire Of Soho: Final Girls Berlin Review

The Vampire Of Soho: Final Girls Berlin Review. Its 1982, punk rock remains an underground powerhouse. You move to London, looking for something to complete yourself and to give you meaning. You find it, but it’s a vampire. How far would you go to find yourself, love and a community that takes you in.

This is roughly the plot of Andy Edwards’ short film The Vampire of Soho, but at its basest it’s a love story of a young naïve woman who falls for a sexy vampiric punk rocker who insists you kill the innocent.

It’s got a good style, it looks punk, it looks 80’s, it’s even presented in 4:3 to give it that ‘vibe’ Unfortunately, I just felt this cheapened it all. It looked like a cheaply made home movie, and although I realise there’s an aesthetic to that I doubt the 80’s actually looked tinted and dreary in real life, even if it is in London.

Andy Edwards is full of good ideas is what I can say. There’s effort being made here that must always be praised, and I like what the director has put in. The café setting, the costumes and the details in the set are all fantastic. The eyerolls of the café staff still remain my favourite part as I was doing loads myself and I felt their pain. Congrats Linda Regan.

The director could have been helped by better performances and improving his own writing. I’m tired of the trope that vampires have super posh Etonian accents because they’re ‘ancient’ even if they’re punk rockers in the middle of Soho, it doesn’t make sense and it’s a little overdone. Sam Francis Harman isn’t convincing to me as a dark force.

Yet, the biggest issue with this film is that it dragged and I was left uninterested, I didn’t care. 7 minutes shouldn’t feel like 30, but it did. I wanted it over and done and unfortunately I can’t say much else for The Vampite of Soho except that I wouldn’t watch it again.

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