The Most Influential Movies Of 2019

Parasite: Why Parasite’s Oscar Success Is So Important

The Most Influential Movies Of 2019 .

2019 was a great year for influential movies. Seems like this year, unlike many before that, there was no shortage of good quality movies and TV shows, with multiple perspectives and diversity that has previously been largely unmatched. What resonates with people in these movies can be quite subjective because of their demographic.

The Oscars are just around the corner so the academy will name the best motion picture of the year in just two weeks. But despite what the academy might think there are some movies, that while being great and moving, have also had influence far beyond what some of the oscar-nominated movies will ever have. There are a lot of influential factors that go into this and it depends on the case, the plot but most importantly on the time of the release whether or not it manages to create a new trend, a new standard that others will follow in u[coming projects.

We’ve combined 3 major movies that came out in 2019 that manages to create a trend of their own and tell a story in a way that it has not been told before.


Parasite was among most people’s favorite movies of the year. Not only was it revolutionary for gaining worldwide recognition for the fully South Korean films, but it resonated so much with people because often queues of the plot. We haven’t really seen something so fresh in many man-months perhaps years even. The plot is so unique, the director’s works is an example of craftsmanship and this movie managed to single-handedly take the entire Korean movie industry to another level, while also inspiring young film directors to take more risks when it comes to plotlines which they will probably do with more confidence since Parasite did so well in all countries despite the culture.

Parasite became the talk of all-important awards shows and continues to stay relevant even months after its initial release. It has become an instant classic that is fully unique and perfected in every aspect. Parasite definitely changed an industry standard and opened up the door for other intention films as well.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is still a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe so it might seem weird that Captain Marvel could be cast as the most influential movie of 2019. But even after wonder woman, the attitudes towards female superheroes seemed to center around their appearance. While Brie Larson is a still conventionally attractive marketable face for a movie like this her character doesn’t rely that much of the appearance the emphasis is not on that specific aspect of her personality.

It also finally made it easy for people to understand the importance of such movies and how important they are for people who often feel underrepresented in their favorite movies. Franchises like these can often lean towards lower quality plotlines, making the movies that they think the people want to see, even if it is not actually true. But franchises like these need to be treated with more seriousness because they have such a cultural impact. One such movie that ended up being one of the most defining pop culture phenomena in the 2000s and 2010s, with major fashion and entertainment outlets releasing clothing, online slot games based on the Planet of Apes.

Still, the films were consistent and high quality and have managed to stay loved by their fans even years after the initial release. While that is one positive example of the franchise doing it right, there are dozens of examples of franchise closing the sigh of what is keeping them afloat as well as realizing that the franchises might need to adapt to the time period and the general attitudes that are present in the world that should be reflected in the movies.

Marriage Story

This particular movie will likely remain as an example for future filmmakers that will try and depict the stories of real-life marriage or long term relationships. We often see the beginning stages of partnership that are usually full of bliss, but we rarely get a realistic view of the relationship between two normal people. While some may argue that these two are far from being normal to average, the most important fact is that their relationship feels real and grounded.

It goes through the same emotions and ups and downs as any long term relationship between people who may love each other but aren’t necessarily great partners. This movie is very unique in its way of portraying the hardships of divorce and offered a powerful depiction of disintegrating relationships that often get overlooked in the movie industry.

Marriage Story will likely remain as an example of how you can manage to portray hardships of real-life without losing the integrity or making one person into a one-dimensional villain, avoiding to take a realistic viewpoint.

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