Steven Chase: BRWC Interview

Steven Chase: BRWC Interview

Steven Chase stars in, and directed, the new rom-com Stan the Man, which is being released February 4 from Avail Films.

When did you discover you wanted to be a part of it?

I realized I wanted to be an actor when I was a teenager

Were you encouraged to pursue it?

No, not really but my family always supported whatever I wanted to do in terms of my career.

With the films you’re making, is the goal to ultimately make movies full-time with some big returns coming in from the DVD sales and so on?

Not really. My goal has always been to make good movies which entertain whether through acting, writing, producing or directing.

Where do you expect most people will discover “Stan the Man”?

So far, I think through Online Platforms and Social Media and because of the wonderful work of our Distributor Avail Films and our PR October Coast.

What would you say to those who are considering checking out the movie?

I would recommend the movie not only as The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Movie, but for anyone who appreciates a heart-warming story about second chances and love.

Stan Mann (Steven Chase), a new money multi-millionaire, whose life consists of ladies, gambling and booze, lives at a 5-star hotel where the staff tends to his every need. Known as “Stan the Man” for his extreme generosity, he gets mixed up in a casino gambling scheme with Russian Mobsters and in one fateful bet, Stan loses everything.

Planning to drown his sorrows in a bottle, Stan is critically wounded in a liquor store robbery, where he takes the bullet intended for the store clerk, Kristi (Anne Leighton). During a near-death experience in the ER, a slightly resentful Angel gives Stan 30 days to change his ways and redeem himself, and find his one true love.

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