Basketball Movies That Have Left A Mark

Basketball Movies That Have Left A Mark

As movies reflect our interests in life, it comes as no surprise that there are so many sports related movies especially regarding basketball. It is a widely played sport all over the world and the NBA is followed by sports enthusiasts and hard core fans not just in the United States. It is probably the most popular game after soccer.

There are many movies which center their narrative on competitive sports, they are full of drama and usually they are about the main protagonist raising against all odds. No matter if the story revolves around characters in high-school, college or professional sports. This is exactly what excites sports fans too, with the online sports betting community at an all-time high with online sportsbooks like 888sport, Bovada and many more, which are constantly updated. After all it has become a viable legal source for earning some money by implementing these sportsbooks online betting tips.

Some sports movies give also inspiration in getting fit, and playing sports. Let’s celebrate some of the most inspirational Basketball movies:

He Got Game

Released in 1998 (runs for 2 hours 17 minutes), Denzel Washington starred as Jake Shuttlesworth, the father of a top basketball player in the country, Jesus Shuttlesworth.

The story is about sports agreements behind the scenes while there are some powerful interests in the background. Jake Shuttlesworth was released for one week from prison in order to persuade his son, Jesus to play for the governor’s alma mater. In return, Jake is promised an early release from prison if his son can agree to the “Big State” agreement. Of course that will not be easy since Jesus cannot forgive him for the death of his mother.

Hoop Dreams

It is a documentary which was originally planned to run as a half hour PBS special on two African-American Chicago high schoolers as they chase their dreams of playing professional basketball. The success was such that it ended with 250 hours of filming after five years following the lives of William Gates and Arthur Agee.

It played to rave reviews also thanks to the action on the court which gave to it the necessary drama when set against the harsh reality of life away from the sport. This film was a social documentary on the great distance between William and Arthur poverty-stricken background and their dreams of a life in the big leagues. After 25 years the film is still able to enthrall new audiences, and remains a classic of sports movies.


A must watch NBA film who was released in 1986 with a great cast: Gore Hackman, Barbara Hershey, Dennis Hopper, Jerry Goldsmith, and others. The story is a about a coach and a town’s love for basketball.

The town looked up to him to help them coach their team to victory but obstacles came along the way. For all basketball fans and enthusiasts this movie although old merits a viewing.

Space Jam

This one is for sure one of the most well-known films built around the basketball. Space Jam was a commercial success and created a blending of animation and live action, which was refreshing and new. And Michael Jordan was a major draw for movie goers and sports fans.

A sequel titled Space Jam 2 that stars LeBron James has been scheduled for release in 2021 and it is already gathering interest. Let’s hope it will be much more fun and hilarious than the first one.

White Man Can’t Jump

This one is definitely on the must watch list. Ron Shelton’s funny 1992 comedy combined with the physical presence and smart mouth of Wesley Snipes’ Sidney Deane with a hustler played by Woody Harrelson. Harrelson’s Billy Hoyle pretends to be terrible at Basketball and hustles money from unsuspecting players. When Deane sees what’s going on he decides to get in on the con and that’s when all the fun ensues and the hilarity is unstoppable. It makes for a good laugh and fun to watch movie even today.

Coach Carter

Released in 2005 it is more of a documentary drama about the NBA, which gives a lot of insight about the game. The main protagonist, Ken Carter who was trying to be the best coach he could be for the basketball team at Richmond High school. This coach trained and motivated his players to be better versions of themselves. The movie starred Samuel Jackson, Rob Brown, Channing Tatum, Rick Gonzalez and Ashanti.

We can always expect top-notch basketball and other sports movies that reflects our love for sports in general and for basketball in particular. This movie selection reflects our preferences and it will surely give you a good watch and great entertainment when it comes to basketball, and just as these movies give us always some motivation, it is always good to persevere and also engage in some sport of your choice.

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