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Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill, Spidey, Feige: Weekly Round Up – Marvel fans rejoice. Spider-man is back in the MCU. At least, for now. After the news a few weeks ago that the wall-crawler had parted ways with the House of Mouse after Sony gave Disney the finger over their ridiculous demands for a new deal, the two studios have, possibly in response to fan-reaction (which was really, really over the top…), come to an agreement.

The new deal sees Disney taking 25% of the box-office from any solo-outing, while Sony keep 75% – which seems fair, to me at least, but then I though the original deal was relatively fair, and I’d be happier if the evil Empire of Mousedom just didn’t have… well, anything.

What we know now is that Tom Holland will be returning to the role for at least one more solo-outing, which is scheduled for a release in 2021. This means it’ll be coming out the same year as Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, Shang-Chi and Thor: Love and Thunder. That’s a lotta Marvel for one year. I’m sure many a Marvel fan is jumping high into the sky, singing and dancing. Meanwhile, I just hope more interesting and original films are being made; like Radio Silence’s Ready or Not, which came out this week and is absolutely brilliant. It was released via Fox Searchlight, which apparently no longer exists since the Fox/Disney merger, so… yeah… that’s a thing.

Anyway, Holland is also contracted, under the new deal, to appear in one more team-up movie as well. Quite what this will be is anyone’s guess, although it’s safe to assume it’ll likely be whatever the next Avengers film winds up being.

It will be interesting to see is the studio opts to play-down Spider-man’s involvement in the MCU from this point on. He was, at least in Far From Home, being set-up to be the new face of the MCU after Tony Stark met his (spoiler) endgame. But, what with the somewhat volatile relationship Disney and Sony now find themselves in, it’s a safe bet to say that someone else could be in the pipe-line to take up that mantle. Who? I don’t know. Go speculate somewhere else.

Speaking of Tony Stark, he’ll apparently be appearing in the Black Widow movie. Guess that whole “Robert Downey Jr is done with the MCU” thing didn’t last long. To me that seems like a bit of an f-you to fans because, well, you mourn and then suddenly, *bing*, he’s back. Marvel fans don’t seem to mind though, and I’m sure there is much rejoicing… ugh.

Right. No more Marvel now, please? Okay? The MCU is the bane of my existence when writing these round-ups. Seriously, guys, there are other movies, you should all go watch them.; like Radio Silence’s Ready or Not, which came out this week. It’s great. Go see it. Now!

So, what’s next? Star Wars… dammit!

Okay, so the Mouse of House, or our dark overlords, have dropped some news about the fate of Star Wars post-Episode IX this week. There are several projects already lined up for Star Wars fans after this year, the most talked about being the reported trilogy from Game of Thrones showrunners D B Weiss and David Benioff – we’re expecting that trilogy to start off really well, remain strong, and then totally shit the bed in the last fifteen minutes – the first of which is going to be released in 2022, with the others following in 2023 and 2024 respectively.

Rian Johnson, director of the best Star Wars movie ever, or possibly the worst (spoiler; it’s neither), is also reportedly working on his own trilogy, although we’ve heard very little news about that recently.

But this week we also learned that there is a whole other Star Wars project in the works… SAY WHAAAAT!

That’s right, and it’s going to be produced by none other than (*checks notes* – Oh, for f**k sake!) Kevin Feige. Feige, in case you didn’t know, is the man behind the MCU. Not much else is known about this project yet, other that that Feige hopes to attract a “major actor” to the project. I’m envisioning it being quite good, but most of the more serious moments are undercut by humor, and in the end lots of things come out of the sky and fight.

Okay, let’s end with something a little more my level, shall we?

Nope. Fine. More superhero stuff it is then.

Jonah Hill is currently in talks to potentially join Matt Reeves’ The Batman. We know that Robert Pattinson is going to be donning the cowl as the Caped Crusader, but news on villains has been scarce for this one. It was rumored Jaoquin Pheonix’s Joker could take on the part, but that has been ruled out.

Many speculated that Jonah Hill was in the running for The Penguin, but apparently, he’s actually up for the role of The Riddler instead. Jonah Hill is a good actor, and has proven so on more than one occasion, so this might actually be pretty interesting. I’ll admit that I’m curious about the direction this film seems to be taking, and am awaiting more info with hopeful, albeit stupid (after all, we are talking about DC here), optimism.

If the studio are planning on taking the route of standalone projects, not tied to an extended universe, and given to interesting voices and talent then maybe we could have a slew of genuinely engaging, unique superhero films here. Of course, they’re still technically franchise movies based on proven and successful existing properties, but if that’s the closest we can get to original projects then fine. Or, you could just go see interesting, original movies; like Radio Silence’s Ready or Not, for example. It came out this week. It’s really, really good. Please go see it. Please support original cinema.

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