Who Will Save Tony Stark?

Who Will Save Tony Stark?

By Finley Crebolder.

If there’s one thing to take from the main trailer for Avengers: End Game, it’s that things aren’t looking too rosy for Tony Stark. Not only has he just failed in stopping Thanos and had a somewhat surrogate son to him “die” (dust) in his arms, but he’s now stuck on a spaceship with fuel, food and oxygen all fast running out. Nevertheless, his whole “zero chance of survival” concern is of course unfounded. They’re not paying you hundreds of millions of dollars to sit around and die, Robert. So, now that’s cleared up, we must ask ourselves, who’s saving him? Well, in true Doctor Strange fashion, let’s look at the possible outcomes – thankfully, there’s not quite 14 million to go through…


Thor got a shiny new weapon (Hammer? Axe?) in Infinity War, and with it a ton of rather handy powers. Not only can Stormbreaker harness his power and give him the ability of flight (No, not pull him off, Korg) but he can also use it to transport across space, as seen when he showed up on Wakanda to (almost) save the day.

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Could he transport himself to Tony and pick him up? Well, in theory, if he knew his location, yes, but it’s a big if. Also, it’s probably not the best idea from a narrative perspective. If Thor were to come to the rescue at a crucial moment yet again, he’d just become a bit too “Deus Ex Machina”. It makes much more sense to give this moment to someone else.

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