Chasing Molly: Review

Chasing Molly: Review

Chasing Molly: Review

When it comes to Indie comedy, there is always a tightrope to be walked, balancing between being sharp, clever and laugh out loud funny, but always teetering above a deep drop into the realms of irritating, sickly or overly kooky humour.

A lot of these alternative comedies occasionally lose their balance, clinging for dear life, and some fall off the rope completely. Chasing Molly, the feature debut from Josh Sutherland, certainly wobbles on that tightrope, but just about manages to maintain its footing.

Shelley Pack plays Molly who, along with her partner in crime Atticus (Jim Cashman), poses as a spiritual cleanser of demons, exorcizing unwanted spirits from the homes of their gullible clients. It turns out that the only thing that this duo is cleansing these poor individuals of are their valuables, as they ruthlessly sweep the contents of their homes into a black sack.

The pair stumble into trouble when they accidentally rob a drug lord of a huge stash of pills hidden in a teapot, resulting in the kidnapping of Atticus and Molly’s desperate attempts to put the situation right. 

There is a lot of impressive direction from Josh Sutherland, whose first feature film does incredibly well with its low budget. The editing is sharp, clear and goes well with the witty script. While it is a very original and clever storyline, the narrative isn’t really what keeps the film afloat.

What drives it and engages the viewer is the dialogue between Molly and Atticus. Shelley Pack, who plays Molly, also wrote the screenplay, and is without doubt the heart of the film. Her sidekick played by Cashman is a welcome addition to the mix and is sure to get a few laughs out of you as well. 

It does have to be said, that there are times when the comedy certainly crosses that line into becoming a little bit grating.

Viewers with low tolerance when it comes to this kind of humour will most certainly find it cringey and irritating to watch at times, but if you are willing to overlook that and enjoy something that is overall a piece of improvisational, original entertainment, then you should get on board.

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