Interview: Mark Wilson, Wade In The Water Director

Mark Wilson, Wade In The Water

Wade In The Water director Mark Wilson spent some time with us.

How does one get to do what you do, Mark? 

I have an amazing wife that supports me…without her I couldn’t make movies. 

Do you juggle the filmmaking with a real job – most filmmakers have to, right?

I do. I’m currently an HD Camera Technician at Panavision. By working at Panavision I have gained a family that supports Indie filmmakers and most of my crew that I work with to this I day, I have met through Panavision. 

How many films have you been involved in now?

I’ve been involved in mostly short films and music videos, so roughly about 30 projects to date. WADE IN THE WATER was my first feature film and I also have another feature documentary currently out on Amazon Prime titled THE PAINTED WARRIOR. 

How long have you been doing it for?

I’ve been making films since I was twelve. I’ve always known since then that’s what I wanted to do. 

And how did WADE IN THE WATER come about?

I’ve been collaborating on many screenplays with WADE IN THE WATERS Writer, Chris Retts and we kept writing big budget films and we weren’t getting them made. Surprise! No names never made a feature film, etc. etc. Chris disappeared on me for a month…pure radio silence. I thought he was upset at me for something.

Then out of nowhere he calls me and says, ‘I have written a screenplay that we can begin shooting tomorrow!’ I was shocked, scared and excited. I read the script and was terrified…not because it was bad because it was something I had never done before style wise. I usually will lean towards inspiring happy go-lucky type of films…and this was the opposite of that! So, it excited me to tread on unknown territory. That’s where WADE IN THE WATER came about. 

What can you tell us about it?

It’s an unique film experience that I don’t think anyone could predict what’s going to happen next while watching it. That’s what drew me to wanting to make this film. 

What makes it unique, you think?

I think what makes WADE IN THE WATER unique is our lead guy, Tom and the complicated situations and relationships he gets pulled into. It’s also such a dark subject we cover, and we tried to balance it with some humour. 

Speak about your leading man. He’s exceptional – and very unlike most leading men!

Yes, our lead, Tom E. Nicholson was great to work with and we were very fortunate to have him on board. What drew me to him was his outgoing self and the confidence he exuded. He brought so much to the table and I think that’s what made his character feel so authentic throughout the film. 

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