Review: Two For Joy

Review: Two For Joy

Two For Joy is a new British drama from writer from director Tom Beard
The film stars Samantha MortonBillie PiperDaniel MaysBella RamseyEmilia Jones, & Badger Skelton.

TWO FOR JOY is an authentic and unwavering, ultimately uplifting coming of age story; a visceral, moving exploration of one British family’s life. Mother AISHA, her teenage daughter VI and young adolescent son TROY, are at a crossroads in their lives.

Vi has been forced to grow up fast; mother-daughter roles are reversed, Vi is Aisha’s carer as well as trying to control her rascal younger brother Troy, who with no father figure and a struggling mother, is a law unto himself – something must give, the situation must change”

The film perfectly captures the quiet depression of the British seaside and the troubles some young people in less that ideal situations suffer on a daily basis just by existing.

The pacing is at times oppressively slow and reflective and we take a while to get going but eventually it’s sad and timely tale unfolds about how without proper adult supervision childish games can have terribly ‘adult’ consequences.

Perhaps fittingly the young cast get to shine brightest in this film while the adult characters are more in the background.


The film has a VOD release on February 25th.

EDIT – Screening today! –
iTunes pre order link here:

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