Some Of The Best Movie Remakes

Freaky Friday

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Daniel Craig is just brilliant, isn’t he? Though the original has the benefit of being an authentic Swedish thriller based in Sweden, in Swedish, the remake holds its own and delivers powerful performances from the two leads Daniel Craig and a heavily pierced Rooney Mara. I’ve also heard the books are good too but why would you do that when you have 2 perfectly good adoptions at your fingertips/

Freaky Friday

A cinematic masterpiece, though I doubt the target audience of this film at the time would have known that it was a remake of a 1977 version starring Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris, let alone would even know who Barbara Harris is. This mother / daughter body switching classic reminds audiences of a simpler time when the worst thing that Lindsay Lohan could do was wear a studded belt and pick up an electric guitar. 


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